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Mama Deb [userpic]
Maybe I'm paranoid?

Was there a reason that the sign-ups for Yuletide were announced on a Jewish holiday?

Seriously - it was hree days ago. If someone on my flist hadn't said something this morning, I'd never have known. Add to that the fact that nominations were done during the week of Yom Kippur and Sukkot, so I had NO time to do it.

A girl could get a complex.


Hi, I find this description of your holiday celebrations fascinating. My knowledge of Christian denominations is also limited, unfortunately. What denomination are you?

Seventh-Day Adventist.

We keep Sabbath (on Saturday), we have restrictions on food and drink (no unclean meat, no drinking EVER)--actually, hard-core SDAs won't eat meat at all and will not consume caffeine, let alone alcohol. We have modesty restrictions--no jewelery, no skin showing (too much).

On Sabbaths, everything is turned off. No work--and people in my church can get pretty legalistic about what this "work" entails.

We have random days of fasting and prayer. Most of us have prayer meetings during the week. Actually, many hard-core SDAs won't EVER use computers, TV, ect for any purpose other than researching religious beliefs. (I regularly had my sci-fi/fantasy books thrown out as a child. I had Sweet Valley Twins thrown out for being too secular. I had to hide them in my mattress.)

As to holidays, some people keep the "Christian" ones (like Christmas, Easter, ect), while others throw them out for being too pagan, and thus they keep the Jewish ones instead. (My family kept Christian ones, but many of my friends in college kept to the Jewish ones. So I don't really have much knowledge about that except that I was invited to celebrations every once in a while.)

Again, the severity of these restrictions depends on, well, how "orthodox" you are. And North Americans tend to be much less strict then the rest of the world.

Now I feel glad the worst I had was a couple of novels I read when I was 11-12 were confiscated by my teacher (he kept them in his desk and I eventually liberated both of them - and other confiscated items - from it's draws).

I know there's debate over whether to observe Christmas but I'd never heard of Adventists who observe only Jewish holidays. Maybe that's because I'm Australian though.

Oh and don't forget, if you're an Aussie Adventist, you must be raised on copious Sanitarium food.

Ick, ick, ick!!!

What I love? We don't eat meat because of "health" requirements, but they'll load food down with cheese and more cheese. Not to mention salt.

University cafeterias were HELL.

The observing Jewish holidays might be new? I really don't know, I only saw it in others when I went to Andrews University. They wore the head-thingies and shawls and I'm just as confused about it now as I was then. But a lot of people were doing it.

Well it depends on how health conscious the given person is. Too much salt may be bad but absolutely none tastes terrible.

Cheese is a different kettle of pirahnas for me - mid-90s Mum heard cheese caused higher ear wax production so she cut it right out of her diet (and as a result, the diet of the household). She not only reduced her earwax problem but also cut back the headache she got - cut back mine too.

Personally I do eat meat, but it's a personal choice.

In the US? We had Little Debbie and Loma Linda foods.

Talk about unhealthy. *headdesk*

I guess at least Sanitarium is geared to be healthy - it is part of the brand name, "The Sanitarium Healthfood Company". Sells Australia's biggest breakfast cereal, Weet-Bix. I hate Weet-Bix though.