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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Some of you may remember that last summer, I VERY nearly had a job cooking in several group homes, but it didn't happen?

On Columbus Day, I got a phone call from the same org asking if I still wanted it.

I said, "yes."

It's not quite the same job, since it's only two homes and I won't need to travel - the apartments are right next to each other. It's fifteen hours a week, fifteen minute WALK from my house and the salary is just fine. I'll be working from 10-1PM five days a week, making dinner for the six boys and, really, for the staff who can eat what they want. One has a special diet but it's a special diet I live myself, so it's all very perfect.

DANCES! It's been since August 2008, and we're still amazed I'm getting unemployment. And *this* is why I was hoping to not get into that jury.


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CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news--I'm thrilled for you!

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Thank you!


What a year, eh?


Oh, indeed! HUGS!

CONGRATULATIONS! *hugs and more hugs* I'm so glad for you!

And how is your new job going?



Thank you!

That's wonderful! Congratulations. :-)

YAY! Thank you!

Mazal tov!

Toda rabbah!

Thank you!

Oh, congratulations! Good luck! Success!

Thank you! Yay!

*dances you around*



Thank you!

Things have really sorted out well for you! Including minimal travelling - over the years I've realised it's not work that tires me, it's travelling to and from. And a fifteen minute walk each way isn't travelling, it's exercise of the best kind.

Absolutely! I'm counting that as a major benefit. It's nice, flat city blocks, so it's an EASY walk, too. Plus I can shop for groceries on the way home.

That's awesome! I hope it's every bit as interesting and challenging as you could want, and satisfying too.

Amen. But just being employed is a goodness.


Indeed. :)

Fantastic news, m'dear!

Thank you!


Thank you!

oh, what terrific news! I'm so glad to hear - it sounds wonderful, in just about every way.


Thank you!

That's great! It sounds like a perfect fit for you.

It very much is. Among other things, I have special education credentials. 20 years old, but I do have them.

How fantastic! I'm so glad for you, and send vibes and wishes for it to be ... well, wonderful.

Thank you!

Mazal tov!

You're the second person on my flist to announce "finally I have a job" in the past week or two. I guess the economy really is getting better. :-/

Yeah, I'm thinking.

Thank you!

Congratulations! I'm so glad you've found a job that so suits your talents!

So am I. Thank you!


hoorah you!!

Thank you!

Congratulations - to you, and to the boys who get to eat your meals!

Thank you!

That's wonderful. I hope it goes really well for you.

Amen. Thank you!

I just jumped up and squealed--I'm so excited for you.
They are lucky to have you!


Thank you!

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