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Oh, dear

I am alive. I am well. I am cooking at work. I'm just not feeling the blog right now.

I'm active on twitter and in Adam Lambert fandom, and I'm actually writing, and seeing my therapist. I'm very sorry if people worried.
Mama Deb


It's been a very long month - longest month of June, ever (and I know it's July.) jonbaker has one more day of sheloshim (first thirty days of mourning) before he...doesn't change a huge amount for the next ten months, except that he will now alternate leading his work minyan with another mourner instead of being the only one.Collapse )
Mama Deb


During the period of mourning, one is not permitted to get new clothing (although some limit that to *good* clothing, the kind worn on Shabbos or for celebrations.) However, sometimes it's necessary.

An example - not only is jonbaker doing extremely well on Weight Watchers (so proud of him!), but he was in desperate need of a new suit before his father passed. His current one is very, very worn. We just didn't have time to get him one. So, is he stuck?

There's a solution - have someone else wear the clothing - really wear it, not just try it on - first. Then it's no longer new. Jonathan's a big guy, and probably always will be despite the weight loss, but we do have a close friend who is, if not equally large, at least not small.

He's contemplating the phone call he'd need to make. "Hey, Stuart! I want your body!"

(Note - I was drinking coffee when he told me this. Barely averted disaster.)