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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Gayer than a gay thing.

I'm reading the trade paperback reissue of The New Teen Titan's series "The Judas Contract."

Bit of history - this took place/was written in the early eighties. Colors are still garish because of the technology and paper of the time. It's a major series on two counts - one is that Dick Grayson hangs up the Robin suit and eventually takes on the name "Nightwing" as well as a costume that resembles his current elegantly painted nude body not at all - he looks like Elvis in a mask. (Also, Wally West takes a hiatus from all Flashdom, Kid or otherwise.) The other is that Joey Wilson, "Jericho", joins the Titans.

And, yes, I've been primed. I've heard about the Dick/Joey stuff for years, but as I'd never actually seen Joey more than one flashback panel at a time, so it didn't mean much to me. Jericho's power is to take over other people and make them do what he wants them to do. Luckily, he's a very gentle and kind man who hates violence. He's also mute, at least in his own body, because his father allowed his kidnappers to cut Joey's throat before going back on his word. His father is the main villain of the series. He speaks in sign language.

Dick knows sign language. Dick also thinks Joey's fingers are graceful.

He's portrayed with huge green expressive eyes (the creators were forbidden to use even thought balloons. They had to use the character's body language to convey meaning, especially around those who don't sign) and curly blond hair, including enormous sideburns that don't make him a whit more masculine, especially when coupled with a costume that could only be called FABulous.

And one of the things his eyes express, before going inside Dick's body, was, "Don't make me hurt you."

Classic line, that.

But, okay. I was prepared for Joey.

I wasn't prepared for Joey's father and his boyfriend, the butler. The butler who serves him out of love and gratitude, even after he turns evil, who does his best to mitigate or even turn Slade back to the good side. The one who, well. To quote Joey's mother, Slade's ex-wife, "You loved him more than I did." She also didn't understand their "relationship", and those were her words.

I look at the world through slash colored glasses, but they weren't necessary for this.


Which is why I think that slash arose from women somehow not understanding how a bond between men can be closer than that between a man and a women without anything sexual in that relationship. Wintergreen's devotion to Slade is the same devotion Bunter has for Lord Peter Wimsey, the same bond forged in war, through years fighting alongside each other. They love each other and would die for each other, yes, but that love doesn't mean sex.

I've always thought the UST between Mulder and Scully being consummated was a mistake - the best way to describe it came from the X-Files comic, written during the fourth season or so, when a character thinks to herself, observing the two of them, "They are not lovers, these two; but they protect each other with a fierceness that puts lovers to shame."

Not everything has to be about sex is what I'm getting at. And sometimes, women really don't understand how close the bonds between men can be. It's not homophobia, it's not denial - it's an understanding that relationships can be more emotional and sophisticated.

It's not that - it's not that we don't understand how members of a gender can bond without it being sexual.

It's that we *like* the idea of two men together. It's a kink. Part is the transgresion, and part is that it's just *fun*.

Want. Must read. Gah.

Heh. Don't I know that feeling. My (somewhat ineffective) current mantra is "important bills first, comics later". I mean, there's this Nightwing-sized dent in my bank account already from buying lots of Batman and Nightwing comics recently and now I'm tempted with "New Teen Titans" on top of that? But it really sounds like fun for slash fans. Though I guess I'll have to add it to the ever growing comics-to-buy-eventually list for now. Sigh.