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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Yesterday, which is my normal day to do everything - to shop and cook and pick up my laundry and maybe get some writing in - I did nothing. It was six o'clock. And I needed to think about dinner.

And I could have done nothing - ordered in pizza or had Jonathan pick some up on his way home, or any of the other take out choices in which our neighborhood abounds. Or I could have picked up some frozen pizza or pierogies and salad and that would have been fine, too.

Even omelets.

But take out pizza never occured to me, and I don't keep frozen stuff in the house (meaning I tend to eat the day I buy it, not that I don't use it), so I had to shop. And I didn't want pierogies. And so.

I made tofu. Tofu and string beans and mushrooms and scallions. With brown rice. Because it's not all that much harder than making frozen. And I keep ginger and garlic and sesame oil and soy sauce as part of my pantry.

My husband was happy, but he's easy to please. He'll eat anything I cook, including stuff I won't.