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Silk Anniversary

I didn't know it was that, but apparently, that's what number 12 is.

We got married on March 10, 1991. We celebrate by going out to dinner that night, or on a reasonable night if it falls on the Sabbath. We also celebrate the Hebrew date of 24 Adar, except we missed it this year. We also celebrate our wedding parshah (the Torah portion assigned to the week we got married) which is this coming weekend. And, in a Jewish leap year, when we add an extra Adar. Like this year. We celebrate *twice*. We celebrate all month, really.

But March 10 is our civic anniversary. And we go out to eat. We went to a place called Prime Grill this time around. It had been highly recommended by friends of ours, so we had high hopes.

They were met.

I had an avocado roll from their sushi bar as an appetizer, and then what they called "chateau". I'm assuming it's either chateaubriand, or a kosher facsimile if that's not a kosher cut. It was served sliced over garlic mashed potatoes with a frise salad on the side, and topped with a lovely sauce. Since I cannot eat meat that is not well done (I've tried. I've failed), I asked the waiter which meat dish would work best, and this is what he recommended. It was delicious - tender and flavorful and with a pepper crust. Jonathan had a salad and a "steak au poivre" - a filet coated in pepper. We do like pepper. His came with fried onions and the same frise salad. We both had a glass of an Australian red - Teal Lake Shiraz. It's a wine we like anyway. It had enough body to stand up to the meat beautifully. If they'd had halfbottles, we'd have gotten one of those. We're not big wine drinkers.

Sugar is a problem, so we were pleased that the restaurant offered a fruit plate dessert - just slices of fresh fruit. Here we were disappointed - the honeydew was tasteless and the pineapple was sour, and I frankly have never detected much taste in the oh, so pretty star fruit. But the rest of the fruit were quite nice. And we had espresso.

And we asked the maitre'd a question for the chef, something that I'd wondered about. See, in non-kosher restaurants, it's customary to finish off a sauce via "monte a beurre" - stirring in some butter at the very end. This is not possible in a kosher meat restaurant, where no dairy is permitted. Turns out, they use margarine, which surprised me.

And Jonathan gave me his presents. One is a lovely necklace made of what we think are tiny, tiny, tiny stones on many many strands, one half black and the other blue. Apparently, he'd searched through Macy's muttering about how he wanted to buy me nice jewelry, but I won't wear it. "It's our anniversary and she's wearing *paper beads*."

Which I was. They were handmade and strung by a friend of ours, and we'd purchased them at a convention art show, and they were very pretty and went perfectly with my outfit. But, yes. Paper beads.

So, he got me little stones. He was really looking for a gold chain for my Star of David pendant, since the old one is rusting. I like a longish chain, which is a problem, because it has to be ordered.

And he gave me a silk scarf - a very lovely one with roses. Because it's the silk anniversary.

My present for him? A silk nightshirt, except it's too small. Either I'll wear it (also a present for him :)) or return it. But I'd gotten it without knowing how appropriate it was.

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