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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

By sheerest coincidence. I'm wearing green today. I'm also drinking coffee and I plan to have lunch because I'm not fasting on a work day.

Especially since I came in and. The supplies I ordered on Wednesday that arrived on Thursday were not put away. It's notlike it's hard. Small supplies in the drawer, paper by the copier. How hard is that?

And we are having problems with our typewriter, and I'm all confused about it.

And that's after a fairly good weekend which I will find time to describe. :)


I'm skipping the fasting. But I plan to attend the celebration. All the Hamen Taschen I can eat, and such.

Although for me to drink enough not to be able to tell them apart shouldn't be very hard. Not knowing what either looks like

Go Purim

It's not the looks; it's the name. You should not be able to tell the phrase "Cursed be Haman" apart from "blessed be Mordechai."

We have a token glass of wine.

Ah. See, I think I'm that confused already. Especially if you say it in hebrew :)

Either way, I think Purim is one of the jewish holidays that are ready to take a jump into the major mainstream. It's got all the things needed for popular celebration- loud noise, costumes, sweets, and drinking.

Give St. Patricks a run for it's money.

Y'know, I was sort of gearing myself up for a minor snit because of all the attention St. Patrick's gets, and Purim doesn't...

And then I saw the people around me happily wearing green and celebrating and I realized I was being selfish and dumb. Ethnic pride is a wonderful thing.