Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Once again, I had a one on one session in Pakua. Master K showed up late - in fact, she didn't appear until 20 minutes after the hour. I was about to give up, drop in on a friend who worked nearby and go home. But she did show up, so I quickly changed and started running around the dojo. Turns out that on her very long train ride, there was first a sick passenger, and then, on a second train, a police action. That's just rotten luck.

She told me that what happened last week, when I nearly passed out, was because we were working the neck and shoulders too much and cut off the oxygen to my brain. It's plausible.

We did some practice falls and some attack work and what she calls "shadow moves", which are very soft and gentle moves much like dancing. I feel just awkward doing them.

I dropped in on my friend afterwards and we chatted - she's one of the women in our weekly Torah discussion group and I like her a lot. She happened to have given us a really beautiful mishloach manot. Like many people in our area, instead of making the packages herself, she had them done, using a charity. This gives her two mitzvot, so it's a good thing. Also, and I find this sad, many people do not trusts other's kashrut. If it's prepackaged, it's okay. Anyway, hers has a lovely gift box, covered with rose fabric.

I went home and had lunch and then went off to my doctor's. I've been very remiss in going there, because I have *not* been taking my glaucophage and I *have* been eating white starches, although I'm more or less good on white sugar. He took an A1C test, so I won't know the results for another week - it measures average blood sugar over a period of months. 5 is normal. Under 7 is good for controlled diabetics.

Otherwise, my temp was on the low side, even for me - my temp is usually 97.4F, but lately it's been 96F, as it was today. My blood pressure is high. 140/98. I'm not happy about that.

But. I lost six pounds, and he's pleased about the Pakua. And he gave me the name of a physical therapist for my shoulder.

He also said that the goal is not for me to lose weight, but to help my blood sugar and build a better fat to muscle ratio. I love my doctor. :)

I also consulted with their dermotologist about laser hair removal. It seems I'm a very good candidate, because my skin is fair and my hair is dark, and the price isn't out of hand. It'll be a monthly treatment that will take care of my lip and chin fuzz (it's not heavy, but it's coarse and dark and very visible). No more waxing. In six to eight months, maybe no more dark facial hair. I've had this problem since I was thirteen, and, of course, I've hated it. I don't mind the "normal" hair on the rest of my body, or even the less normal stuff I keep covered, but on my face is awful.

Then I went shopping and had them deliver it, so I didn't have to schlep it home. Dinner tonight - salmon, baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. Yum.

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