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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I have tendonitis. The physical therapist says it's caused by bad posture, but as I am now forbidden to perform certain exercises that I've been doing daily - anything the raises the hand over my head - one has to wonder.

He attached some electrodes to my shoulder to provide stimulation and warmth, and gave me an extremely difficult exercise to do twice a day - while keeping my right scapular down and in, I am to finger walk up and down a wall as high/low as I can for fifteen reps. It's doing, so far as I'm concerned, two things at once and I don't do that well.

He is going to give me other exercises to improve my posture as well. My pakua instructor will seriously love this.

And I guess I'll start wearing my purse around my waist or something.


Ickers. And ouchy. I'm sorry to hear that. I had very severe tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists in high school and college, which came from playing the flute (I was a music major...apparently you CAN practice too many hours a day). It's since died down but I occasionally have problems in my right wrist and it's very ouchy. I can't imagine how rotten it must feel in your shoulder since that affects the entire range of motion for your whole arm.

My sympathies and wishes for speedy healing.

Carpal tunnel is not fun, I know that. I'm wearing typing gloves right now. These ones are cool because they have a built-in wrist rest. (I got it years and years and years ago, when I spent a summer working in warehouses, and ended up building cardboard boxes using a pneumatic staple gun. Was a lot of fun, but the vibrations of the staple gun made my hand so numb I barely write when I got back to classes.) Mine mostly flairs up if I do a lot of hand writing or needlework.

Oddly enough, my arm has a more or less full range of motion, once it warms up. There's a bit of a dull ache, but no limitations other than the one the PT gave me.

Thank you for the good wishes.


Your typing gloves sound interesting. I've not had a lot of luck using any sort of brace or wrist rest while typing, but when I'm at home I use a laptop and it's got a lot of space between the end of the computer and the start of the keyboard, so I don't feel a lot of pain here...it's just at work that it's icky.

Incidentally, I feel a little bad because I never mentioned to you that I was adding you to my friends list or asked your permission and you're probably wondering who this crazy woman is who keeps commenting in your journal. I *think* I came across your journal via cellio's journal and I found your posts intriguing and fun to read. I've been lurking around your journal for a little while and just forgot to mention it. My apologies for my lousy etiquette.

I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings.

So long as you don't mind the other stuff I post - the stories about the boys. :)