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Like a Rose

I have a present. No, not a Christmas present. That I got it tonight is a coincidence. It's actually my tenth anniversary present, which happened March 10, but that doesn't matter, either. Because it's beautiful.

My other identity, besides the slash writer, is that of an Orthodox Jewish woman. I read psalms, tehilim, a lot. I try to read through the book in a month.

Jonathan found, in an antique Judaica shop, an old and damaged Tehilim without a cover. Damaged, but still usable/readable. He took it to a friend. The friend restored it, and then put on an extraordinary cover.

It's leather, because good covers are, and because 10 is the leather anniversary. Blue leather. It's stamped in 18 carat gold - little rose stamps in the center of each cover. We have the stamp. The border of the front cover is a verse from Song of Songs, the same verse as on our wedding invitations: "C'shoshona bein hachochim kain raiti bein habanot " : Like a rose among the thorns is my beloved among the maidens."

It's done in our friend's own font, too.

I opened it to the correct psalm for today and learned it in honor of our friend, and because the first thing one should do with a holy book is learn from it.

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