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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So. Right now I'm extremely worried. Jonathan is currently sitting in our doctor's office staunching what is either his second/third nosebleed of the day, or a continuation of the first, and that's after a long one yesterday. And the one this morning was scary - I've never left that much blood around the bathroom even at my messiest.

This is after his second bad night in a row, when he couldn't sleep because he couldn't get his mind to stop worrying. After he woke me at 2:30AM, I actually scolded him - which worked. :) "Don't try to avoid thinking about the problems - let them come and deal. And those meditation things that you don't do because they put you to sleep - well, that's *good* right now. And make a cup of Sleepytime tea."

He tells me that a half hour later, he had dealt with the problems he could solve (stay away from rec.arts.sf.fandom right now because the anti-war talk has turned to antiIsrael talk and he's finding himself aligned with people rather further to the right than he'd expect, given that he's a life long liberal and opposed to this war; call his ex-psychiatrist's referral)and put away the things he couldn't, had the tea and managed to get himself to sleep for all of, oh, four hours. He functions best on 9 hours.

So. I'm worried. And a little scared because I made the mistake of reading Em Brunsen's unfinished Sports Night masterpiece "Dancing on Glass" last week, which is about aplastic anemia and features many disastrous nosebleeds.

For those who understand -- his name is Y'honaton Yaakov ben Tova Batya.

edited to add Doctor is not worried. Said it's probably a combination of sinusitus, stress and the weather, and Jonathan should use vaseline to keep the passages moist. He is worried about J's blood pressure, which has been high for years, and wants to do a longer test on Wednesday, and will not prescribe even non-addictive sleeping pills, which is somewhat surprising, since our doctor is not shy about pills.


I'll be praying for you both.


Thank you! Much, much appreciated, sweetie.

I am sorry to hear this and hope he is healthy soon.

Thank you. Dr. B's a good guy who *listens*. I'm feeling somewhat better.

Glad to see the added note...hope Jon gets better.

I was glad to add the note. Gd willing, this won't happen again.

Whew...I didn't read this until the "update," but that can be *so* scary. It's good to hear that everything seems to be okay now.

And now? I'm heading off to rec.arts.sf.fandom to see where the battle lines are being drawn (as if I couldn't guess)

No, it's not too hard, is it? Sometimes under the veneers of all-tolerance lie cores of sometimes ancient intolerances.

And that goes for all sides of a question, of course.

Jonathan is finding it odd to be on the side of a certain well-known sf writer who is famous for a planet of Jewish mercenaries, considering that he's usually on the other side of arguments.

me, too

I was at the doctor myself on Thursday because I'd had my third nosebleed in a week. Doc said the same thing: war makes people nervous, little bit of sinusitis, the weather keeps acting funny, let's keep a better eye on that BP. And try not to watch TV news *or* hang on newsgroups where people are talking about the war. I personally find that yard work or reading aloud are excellent stress-reducers, but I get nifty anti-anxiety pills, too (I've been taking BP meds for a year or so).

I pray everything works out for Jonathan, and for us all.

Re: me, too

What a lovely icon, Mary Ellen!

Yeah, we're in major stressful times right now. I get stomach aches myself, and very moody.

I hope you feel better, too.

I wish Jonathan a refuah sh'leima in the very near future and that your and his stress levels remain as low as possible.

Do I have your Hebrew names?

Thank you!

Jonathan is Y'honaton Yaakov ben Tova Batya.

I'm D'vorah Faigeh bat Basya Rachel.

i'm thinking of you both. [hugs]

Thank you! Hugs.

MamaDeb --

Love and best wishes for both of you from otherdeb and me.

Deb adds that she has had a couple of nosebleeds this winter and thinks they are from stress and the extraordinarily bizarre weather.

We were both glad to see the addendum to your report.

As for the War in Iraq, and people's prejudices, what can I say? Some folks are only as tolerant as they are forced to be, retaining their prejudices all the while.

Anyway, best to you and Jon.