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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Our landlord - the one who owns the building where I work, as opposed to my own landlady at home - has decided that since the apartments above us are empty, he doesn't need to give us heat.

The apartments are empty, mind you, because he didn't fix the heat for a couple of weeks last winter (not the current one but the one before this)and all the tenants left, trashing the place as they did.

He's overcharging and the apartments are disasters and he hasn't fixed them at all. We apologize in advance when we give other agencies the keys. We even got someone willing to renovate the apartments, but the landlord didn't like the bid.

So, I'm wearing my coat and it's *cold*. I wish I could wear gloves, even though I'm wearing half gloves now. And I'm not sure we have legal recourse, either, since the law is for residential tenants, not business ones.

Sue 'em!! *g*

I'm sure you(your work)have(has)a lease and I'm sure in the lease it says something about providing adequate heat. No? If not, it should.

I send you warm thoughts.

Re: Sue 'em!! *g*

Yeah, have your boss chek the lease.....you guys do real estate, right? Your boss should know this. It probably will just mean going to court. Besides, if there are apartments, you are probably a mixed use building, not a commercial one.

Isn't there something like a Better Business Bureau for landlords you can contact?