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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

We're in the throes of Pesach cleaning here. The most important job is the kitchen, and the first level is tossing things out. In that regard, I take a bowl of leftovers out of the fridge. Jonathan looks at it and says, "Oh, no! That's the chicken and rice! We must keep it as *starter* for the next batch."

The fridge is empty of anything that I can or want to keep now. I just need to toss it all, wash the fridge and line the shelves. Same for freezer.

Which is why I'm on livejournal and Jonathan is watching, for the zillionth time, "The American Presient", starting the Aaron Sorkin reportory players.


*laugh* I'm having trouble throwing out my bread-heel collection on what I suspect is the same "starter" principle. ("But I might use it for stuffing... someday... or bread pudding... OK, not so much the rye... or homemade croutons!") I wish I had an outdoor freezer to stick things in, because I can't really afford to get rid of everything in the fridge that's not kosher for Pesach, although I can confine it to one shelf.

On the plus side, I've eaten enough pasta and cold cereal that I'm definitely not going to crave those over Pesach. Now time to work on the "toast" and "corn" things. And perhaps I should clean....

Got the fridge done. Took me twenty minutes - trashing out, washing down and lining. No, I don't line the sides with aluminum foil.

I want to do the cupboards but we need to buy the turkey and the brisket. And find food to eat. And I need a new stock pot *and* a new dairy soup pot (that last will carry over to the year, but I'll get it pure metal so I can kasher it next year.)

Just finished the kitchen, mostly. Have one more load in the dishwasher, and then except for lining the counters, it's a wrap. Of course, the floors and their crumbs ...

This year, except for condiments and vegetables, the frig was almost completely empty when I started cleaning. Haven't a clue how I managed that feat.