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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
NOT a Pesach post. Really.

Buffy: Ack! Xander!

I saw the last fiftenn minutes first, and. Ack. I think this was the first time a Scooby has been permanently injured, other than Tara. They're playing for keeps in these final episodes - no reset button allowed.

I like that.

And Spike...ahh.

Meh. Interesting twist in the MoTW, nice CLex scenes.

Did Lex and Helen get within five feet of each other during the course of this episode? Because I see great friends chemistry, but nothing else.

Nice Bluebeard hint - and he does keep Clark in that room. Oy, does he keep Clark. If I were Helen, I'd have two thoughts. 1. Yes, the Kents are very interesting, and I can't tell you anything about them. Darn ethics!
2. I'm competing with that beautiful farmboy.

Speaking of - Tom Welling was incredibly beautiful this episode, more so than usual. Was it the hair cut?

Buffy Spoilage...

Okay, so i didn't get to see last night's ep of Buffy [TV's tweaking]....

What happened to Xander?

Re: Buffy Spoilage...

Caleb, an evil preacher apparently played by a Firefly alum (only saw it once, so I can't say), gouged out his eye.

Re: Buffy Spoilage...

Oh, how charming....

Will have to see about setting the TiVo to catch these last few eps of the series....Provided we have the space and the TV doesn't take long to repair [guns on our 55" big screen are out of alignment]....

Evil Thought re: Smallville Spoilage

If I was Helen, the first thought that would be going through my mind would be: Wonder if Lex and Clark would be interested in a threesome.