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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So, there are all these flashfiction and drabble commuities now, and they're fun, and I've posted a few drabbles of my own to wednesday100, and I even had a couple of nice, if not terribly original, ideas for the ds_flashfiction challenge this past week. Because flash fiction is something I like doing and imagine that I'm reasonably good at.

But I never wrote the ideas for the DS flashfiction because I'm in the middle of a major *holiday* right now, one that takes a week of prep beforehand, ate up two days just for *cooking*, ate up the rest of last week with three days of holiday (okay, one was Shabbat, so that was gone anyway) and is leaving me with *three* days this week, two of which will be work and cooking and one will be dismantling and reassembling my kitchen *again* so I can cook Sabbath dinner for that night. And today. I'm not even *getting* a Wednesday this week, you know? Not that I would have time anyway, but.

So. I'm mildly frustrated beyond my normal level of "Hey, guys, there are nonChristian holidays out here. Really."

Feel free to ignore. I'm just tired and awake far too early.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

I know how you feel. I'm not even as observant as you are, and I wasn't able to get my submissions in for last week's photochallenge and probably won't get one in for this week.

Having read the lj's these last few days ... there were others celebrating Passover as well. Maybe y'all should get together and do some fannish challenges over the Christian holidays? Try to balance it out? I know it doesn't make up for the cultural blindness that goes on, but at least you can claim something for yourself?

Loki has many stories about he and the three Jehovah Witness kids sitting in the classroom doing extra work while the rest of the school was rehearsing the Christmas assembly.



The thing is - Christians may have to find the time, but they are permitted to write during their holidays. Observant Jews *aren't*. Major holidays, such as the first and last two days of Passover, have many of the same rules as the Sabbath, with the exceptions of carrying in public and cooking. For that matter, most of the Jews on LJ and in fandom aren't Orthodox and have different interpretations of these rules, so they *do* write and such.

It's a logistical thing that I can't and don't expect anyone to make any adjustmants about because I'm weird, but I think I can be frustrated about it.