Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Snippet VIII

Kyle settled into the monitor chair, looking down on the Earth from the Watchtower on the Moon. Eight hours of this, shared with Wally, assuming the world remained quiet. "You want the second watch, Flash?"

"You kissed him." Wally stood stock still and stared at him. "You kissed the Batman, and in front of the whole JLA. You kissed Batman on the cheek and you made him blush."

"Which part amazes you more?" He leaned back and dissolved his mask. He himself was surprised he'd hadn't melted with embarrassment, but Bruce had been right. They got it over with and now everyone would adjust.

"I don't know. You're really doing it! You're really dating Batman!" Wally danced around the room.

"Grow up, will you? You're acting like your little cousin Impulse." Kyle shook his head. "I have a relationship with Bruce."

"Does he take off his cowl? Do you use your ring? Do you guys use batcondoms?" Now he was laughing.

Kyle constructed a large green glove and knocked Wally over. "Lay off it, guy."

Wally bounced back. "Oh, come on, dude. It's funny. You and Bats!"

"Just knock it off." He turned back to the screen. Something was up in India.

"I don't get you. You didn't mind it when I teased you about Jen. Or even Donna." Wally was sitting on the other chair now, staring at him. Kyle shrugged, and focussed on India some more. Something looked off "Oh, my God. It's serious."

"Yeah. It kinda has to be."

"Um. That sounds..." Wally let his own cowl disappear, letting his red hair clash with his crimson costume. Kyle's artist's eyes considered the combination. "Kyle, are you happy?"

"Yes. When I'm with him, I'm the happiest I've ever been." Memories flowed through him - waking up with Bruce in his arms, long walks through Central Park, through Robinson Park, matinees on Broadway, finding out just how fast a learner Bruce was in bed - and learning things from him. Curling up in front of the fire after dinner with Alfred's cocoa and cookies, reading esoteric books. Sketching Bruce's body as he worked out. Just being with him.

"You don't sound it. You sound..."

"Scared?" And there came the other memories. Bruce disappearing for hours every night, after making love with him; Bruce coming home with his costume, his skin and sometimes his psyche in tatters. Bruce lost in his nightmares, shattering Kyle's sleep with his screams, Alfred hovering at the door. The look in his eyes when Kyle had to spend the night back home, when Kyle had to be Green Lantern.

"Yeah. You're not supposed to be scared."

"You are if you're in love with someone like Bruce. Scared for him. Just. Scared."

"Because he's doing what we're doing, except no powers?"

Kyle shook his head. "He's good. I mean, he's been hurt and he might yet get himself killed, but he's good. No. Because of why he's doing it and because of what it does to him, and. And he's really private and I'm saying too much."

"Oh." Wally turned to the screen. "What the hell's going on in India?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean's that. This is weird for me. He's not my first guy, he's not my first hero type. And I have been in love before, too. Although this is a lot more intense. But they've all been equals. Partners. Or, if they weren't, they were...I needed them. Even Connor - we were *both* virgins so far as guys were concerned and maybe he didn't have powers, but he's damn good with that bow and arrow. Bruce. Needs. He needs everything I can give him, and I want to give him everything. And I want this to go on as long as we do, but I'm afraid I'll run out. And. He's brittle, inside."

"Yeah. It has to be serious. Does you as much?"

"I think so. I need him, too. I've finally started to grow up, I think. And he knows that." Kyle smiled. "He won't say it, but he does. We're a pretty messed up pair, but we're a pair. And I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world, scared to death or not."


"Thanks for listening, guy."

"Not a problem...oh! Kyle, look closer. They're dancing! It's a movie! We're watching Bollywood."

"Okay. Then I guess we don't call out the troops tonight." The two men laughed.

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