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This is probably illegal, as I should be working, and yes, I am working even though it's the intermediate days of Passover,and I have two more dinners to cook in advance.

Okay, one more dinner. I cooked my matzah/eggplant lasagna last night. Tonight I cook a Greek Pesach dish called a "Mina Espinacia." That means it's a pie with a crust made of soaked matzot and a filling made of ground beef, mashed potates and spinach, flavored with onions and allspice. It tastes delicious and reheats beautifully.

But I'm working now. It's a touch weirder since I can't even go out for coffee - I can only eat/drink what I bring myself. I brought a thermos of coffee, some sliced turkey, an egg and a tub of dried fruit and nuts. Normally, I'm just fine drinking coffee out.

But the best thing,the best best best thing is: I'm using a new deskpad. That may not seem like much, but I've been using an old calendar deskpad, still stuck on January. It's April, and it was covered with notes and numbers and very shreddy, and it looked *awful*.

So, I spent some of my own money and got a really good one - not only is it nicely padded, but it's *useful*. It comes in two layers - a printed one and a clear one, and both can be used with a dry or wet erase pen. The printed layer has two blank calendars and lined spaces for notes and lists and such. I filled in the calandars on the lower layer and I've used the lined spaces and it's so *cool*. It also looks much better.

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