Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Two more days of holiday start tonight. I have my dinners made, so all I'll have to do is reheat them, and steam some veggies for dinner on Wednesday night and Thursday. The menu for tonight and tomorrow lunch is lasagna, which only needs reheating and doesn't need side dishes with all the veggies I put in.

I use eggplant (properly sweated, jacquez. :)) sliced thinly lengthwise and sheets of matzah for the pasta.

I wish I could leave now, but I can manage if I stay until five, as candle lighting isn't until 7:20. That gives me plenty of time to go home, pick up the laundry, put the food in the oven and shower.

I will probably not have time to drop in on squidge, though, before I disappear.

On other notes:

I'm pretty faithfully doing my physical therapy exercises, even though I don't notice a change in my arm. What I have noticed that my sides look more concave than before, although I'm not really different in front. jonbaker thinks it's my Pakua, but given the upper arm workout of my pt exercises, it could be either one.

Also. I've been fairly remiss in doing the 24 Movements that form the basis of Pakua. I started doing them again yesterday, and I'm very, very stiff, especially in my hips. Stiff seems to be my default state - it was held at bay when I was more faithful in doing the exercises and/or going once a week, but the school is closed until after Passover. So, I'm going to do them every morning, including yom tov and Shabbat, until next Thursday. I can use as an excuse that they make my prescribed exercises much easier - and they don't make me sweat, which seems to be the criterion.

Anyway. Hugs to everyone.

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