Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Not quite food porn.

I've always been a decent cook, but a few things throw me. Cholent (the long cooked stew that is traditional for Shabbos lunch) is one. Noodle (or lokshen) kugel - to be precise, salt and pepper kugel - has also always eluded me. The difference is, I can take or leave cholent, but I love noodle kugel. So, when I want it, I buy it.

Except that I want it today. And there isn't any because the stores are, like me, post-Pesach, and no one has had time to make noodle kugels to sell. And I didn't want potatoes and we ate a lot of rice in the weeks just before, to use up what I had, and I wanted something reheatable, and that means kugel.

So. For the first time in a decade, I made a lokshen kugel. I cooked half a bag of wide noodles, and while that cooled, I beat three eggs, some salt, a *lot* of pepper and some good olive oil, and mixed that with the noodles using my hands (some things just require *hands*, y'know?) and poured the mixture into a baking pan.

After a week of disposables, it was good to use my old, stained, well-seasoned square pan. It was also good to have my old pasta/vegetable pot, my big stainless knife, my big cutting board, my kitchen. Pesach is completely packed away, other than the leftover lasagna and spinach pie, and most of my stuff is where it belongs, but I still have boxes of the stuff we sold, which is now ours again. The spices and oils and vinegars and the pancake mix and pretzels and flour. And they're sitting on a table in my kitchen. There's no hurry, but I will want to use that table, so they will go away.

I also made lemon-basil chicken, using dried basil and fresh lemons and some garlic powder because I tossed out my last garlic bulb and forgot to buy another. I also forgot to zest it, but it smelled and tasted good, so I'm not worried. The vegetable will be string beans because we don't eat them during Pesach, either.

Gotta admit, I'm looking forward to having a complete week next week.

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