Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

We have joined the 1980's!

We have a microwave!

When we were married, my husband's Uncle Dick said that we could have the microwave of our choice as a wedding present. All we'd have to do is buy it, and he'd pay us back.

That was over twelve years ago. And we lived in an apartment with a tiny kitchen and no counter space, so we decided to do without. I suppose that if he'd actually given us a microwave instead, we'd have found a place or gotten a cart or something, but as it was, we didn't bother.

The kitchen in our next apartment was larger, but we were use to doing without, so we still didn't bother. Along that time, he tried to kill himself and making him pay for a microwave was the furthest thing from our minds.

He's doing much better now - the woman he was depressed over is gone, *and* he has a cat, and Little Guy (Uncle Dick is a brilliant polymath of a philosophy professor, but that doesn't mean he can name animals) has given him a purpose, something he'd lacked after his wife passed away soon after our wedding (another reason we didn't bother.) But he's also retiring very soon, and that's a danger point for a depressive.

Anyway, we decided that now that we have a big enough kitchen with enough counterspace, we would get the microwave. And we got a DVD player as well. And, well. Microwaves cost far less now than they did twelve years ago. The combined price of the two items is less than the microwave would have cost when he'd first offered, so we asked him.

He is *delighted* to pay for both. And knowing him, and how much he loves Jonathan, I believe it. Money isn't a factor - he just signed over his pension, which he does *not* need, to my brother-in-law with our blessing. Mitch has yet to get a tenure track position in a university.

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