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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Good Morning

I have spent my entire life looking forward to 2000/2001. These were the years of wonders - of shiny silver clothes and flying cars and space stations. These were the years of the promises of Arthur C. Clarke, of Heinlein's Door into Summer, of a brand new century, a brand new millennium. They were the Future and they were as bright and hopeful as the Enterprise herself.

And through most of 2001, I did my best to write the full year out, to enjoy this year even though the promises were broken and we don't have flying cars and we can't even get to the Moon again. And then it changed.

Today, I wake up and I'm grateful that it's over. Oh, good things happened. I got a job. I was tossed out of my apartment and got a far better one in a neighborhood where I feel I belong, while the job and other things keep me tied to the best of the old neighborhood. I celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary with friends at a convention, with my family and just with my husband. I wrote. I went to Worldcon.

But I still dreaded the news from overseas even before 9/11. And I could see our change in administration already hurting things. And then the world really changed.

I will try to remember the good things in 2002, and hope that our entry to 2003 is a much happier and stronger time for all of us.