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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Okay. I have my new microwave taking up a considerable amount of countertop real estate. So far, I've used it to melt cheese on wasa bread.

I know I'll use it to make vegetables, both fresh and frozen, and to reheat leftovers and defrost frozen things, and probably to make some convenience foods. My mom makes iced tea with hers, and that strikes me as useful as well.

I have a microwave cookbook (okay, I have two, but they're the same one - the one my mother-in-law gave me when I was first married, and the one she just gave me in honor of the new toy because in twelve years she forgot she already gave it to me. The only difference is that the new one is paperback.), but it's from 1987. Anyway, I'm not really a cookbook user.

Does any one do any sort of real cooking with them?


I've been known to make meatballs in them. I have a friend who loves nuked chicken breasts. I prefer my bacon nuked, but, well, bacon ;). Mostly I use to to reheat or to finish off things that have been cooked in the oven.

You're the second person who's said that bacon is better nuked.

And maybe my memory is faulty but...way back before I kept kosher and was living with my parents and their microwave (it was large enough to be a member of the family), we tried making bacon there, and we decided we preferred it pan-fried.

Granted that, so far as I'm concerned, this is all moot, has there been some sort of breakthrough in bacon-nuking that has changed this?

Before I kept kosher I preferred to nuke the bacon instead of pan-frying it because it made less of a mess. It also seemed to come out a little less greasy (= maybe more of the grease cooked out and stayed out?). But I liked the taste a little better with pan-frying.

I suppose it's personal taste, but it does seem less greasy, and perhaps not as overwhelmingly rich - it also doesn't shrink as much.