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Sports Night natter

To inaugaurate the new DVD player, we watched Sports Night yesterday. To be precise, we watched the third disc in the set, which are the last seven episodes of the first season. These bracketed Isaac's stroke.

In the episode "Eli's Coming", Danny spends most of it with this sense of foreboding - "Eli's Coming". Something bad is going to happen. He thinks, and we think, it's because his girlfriend, Rebecca, is seeing her ex-husband, who turns out to be not-so-ex, and they're going to have counseling. Except that Dana is worried about Isaac, who should have been back from vacation.

I don't know how this would be unspoiled because I started watching at the end of the first season, so the stroke was a fact, but I assume that we'd also be worried about Isaac even as Danny deals with Rebecca and Bobby Bernstein and his sense of foreboding. But he resolves things with Bobbi and he's not good but not bad about Rebecca, so he's okay.

And then we find out that Isaac had a stroke, and we love Isaac, so it's bad, and you can see the grief and worry and concern on everyone's face. And then Casey tells Danny. And Danny, who has been lying on and off throughout this episode, says he's fine. And, when he's forced to be on camera, he *is* fine. He smiles and jokes and comments. But the final scene, he's off camera, sitting in his chair and all we can see is his face.

And he's beyond concern and worry. He's *lost*. He's terrified. And you know that, at that moment, he doesn't care about Rebecca or Bobbi or March Madness. Eli's come and it's his heart that's breaking.

It's as if his own father were the one in the hospital.

Later, in the final episode of the season, after Dana nearly breaks down because she's been betrayed by Casey and by Gordon and by Sally and her engagement (even if she only got engaged to be engaged) and her new camera, and she calls for something good to happen, and Isaac shows up and he's walking and talking just fine...

It's Danny who hugs him. Danny who cries.

I wonder just how these two men fell into such a relationship, into becoming a father and son. I'd like to see how it happened. I wish I could write it.

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