Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

No complaints now. :)

The phone was not ringing incessantly (other than normal communication) this morning.

My boss has called the fire department and the building department about our landlord. She also spoke to his mother. This is because he's doing a gut renovation on the upper story apartments (he has to - the previous tenants vandalized the place. They had good reason. They left because they were without heat for weeks in the dead of winter. So were we, but we are only here during the day. We don't sleep here.) So, he's tossing debris out the windows and raising a lot of dust and dirt and so she's complaining.

Last week, he was burning trash. She complained then, too. He's too cheap to get things removed properly. He's too cheap because he's losing money on those apartments because they can't be rented in that state,and he's asking for too much anyway.


I find it interesting that Clark began the season as Lex's best man, and is ending the season the same way. And yet, it made sense in the beginning and now, it feels odd. Maybe because Desiree wasn't real and was rushed, whereas Helen is a grown-up, real affair, so having a high school student as best man looks strange. Maybe because Lex and Clark aren't as close as they

On the other hand - I couldn't help thinking that had Lex been Jewish, he would have an even stronger weapon against his father. In Jewish weddings, see, it's traditional for both the bride and the groom to walk down the aisle, each escorted by both parents. The symbolism is two families merging rather than a woman being given from one man to another.

Wouldn't it just *kill* Lionel to have Lex escorted by the Kents? Even more than not being invited?

Okay, I *am* complaining. I'm choking on this dust. :(

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