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I am the miracle worker, the one who understands all things computer.

Or sometimes it seems that way, at least where I work.

This is a comment on them more than it is on me, although in at least one case, it was understandable.

One of the real estate agents is Israeli. She's very sweet and very bright, but English gives her many problems, which makes sense - Hebrew is a phonetic language, so spelling is relatively easy. It's made even easier because Hebrew doesn't use vowels. Therefore, her English spelling is atrocious. She knows this and asks for help whenever necessary and also makes use of spellcheck.

But today she was having major problems - for some reason, the Word on her desktop wasn't giving her the little red lines that tell her things are spelled wrong. I go to her computer and checked, and yes, the "check spelling as you write" option was checked (as it is on my own work desktop, and is *not* at home.) However, she was writing in all caps. And before I start sounding superior, I didn't realize that was a problem right off, either. It was just the only thing that made sense. So, I corrected what she had written already, with her permission, and that was that.

The other was a bit more complex, but here I can brag about being a miracle worker. :)

Agent B just wrote out her resume, and wanted Agent H to check it and maybe reformat it, so she attached the resume file to an email she sent Agent H. Then she left. H got her email and tried to open the attached file, but it wouldn't open. Then she called on Agents T and J (an engaged twenty something couple. H is in her forties.) T and J also couldn't figure it out. It wouldn't open. It kept getting error messages. They were going to send it to an alternate email address or even c&p it, which would lose the elaborate formatting and tables created by B.

So. I try. At first, I have the same problems, but as I attempt to use wordpad and word and even acrobat, something niggles at me. The file name looks off.

I go to B's desktop, and look at the file. And there is a space in the filename, which the webmail servers do not like. So. I make a copy of the file with an underscore in the name instead of a space and resend it to H's email. And then go back to my desk to finish up some work and to wait for H to get her webmail, to see if it worked.

Now, you'd think she'd try to open it right away, since maybe if there's a problem, someone could figure it out. Nope. I had to ask her, and then she said it probably wouldn't open on a "remote" server.

Like the one in her house...

But she went along with my request and, miracle of miracles, it worked.

Now, again, it did take me some time to realize why the file didn't open. But. It scares me that no one else would have figured that out.

Spaces in file names *bad*. :)

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