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I have a car - "the" black Camry. I always rent my cars from the same agency, so I know what they have. Last year, this was their best car, and I got to drive it first, or among the first.

It's banged up now, with paint scraped off and lots of dings, but it still rides beautifully and is a pleasure to drive, and will hold all our food and luggage and filk books.

I bought a ton of food - green and prepared salads, a couple of cooked chickens, a lot of cheese, and fruit and nuts and peanut butter and a salami, and rolls. And mustard and mayonaise and little tuna cans. We just need wine and we're set for the whole weekend.

We might stop off for more food for the way back - it's amazing how much kosher food is available in an ordinary supermarket.

I printed up a bunch of Harry Potter fics to take with me.

In a half hour or so, I leave for my MRI. When I get back, we pack so we can leave in the morning. This is important because traffic can be killer this weekend and we absolutely, positively must be there before seven. Six for preference. Absolutely not 8. 8 is Shabbat.

So, if we leave around 9:30. we have getting stuck in traffic time and rest stop time and time for a long lunch or time for "MamaDeb is tired and needs a break *now*" because her husband doesn't drive, and yet still be there in time to register and find the rest fo the frumfans and set up for Shabbat and things like that.

I'm assuming we'll leave at 10:30 if we aim for 9:30, and that's perfectly fine.

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