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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I am not Claustrophobic

I found that out conclusively this evening, as I was lying in that tiny MRI tunnel, my right arm immoblized. I was there for 20-25 minutes, and it was tight, and uncomfortable and my throat was filling with ick by the end, so I needed to cough but I was afraid to, but that was it. I kept my eyes closed because there was nothing to see, but the times I opened them...okay. Tunnel. Lights. Boring.

I got some plotting done.

I'll find out, I suppose, on Tuesday.

They let me keep my hat on. They took off my watch and my eyeglasses, but let me keep my rings. There were times I could feel my rings vibrate. I'd purposely put up my hair in a doubled ponytail with a totally nonmetallic elastic, so that wasn't a factor. I did have to take off my bra, although, as it's a sports bra with no metal, I suppose I could have argued to keep it on. I didn't bother.

There was also a lot of noise. I had earplugs for that - so much for the cds I'd brought.

I have no idea when I'll find out anything.


I *am* claustrophic, so my own MRI years ago was something I wasn't looking forward to. However, they have what's known as an 'open MRI' which makes it a little more bearable. (And cranking up the CD as loud as possible drowns out the majority of the noise). Here's hoping the results come out well.