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Cheap Soup

It all started because I couldn't figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I've been away all weekend, after all, and there isn't a huge amount in the house, and this is a workday, so I had to consider shopping and cooking time.

However. I had two large ziploc bags of turkey carcass in the freezer, left over from Pesach. They were more than the carcass, because for whatever reason, the bottom of the turkey never cooked properly - perhaps that was why the breast meat was so delicious. Which is why it's in two bags.

I had Jonathan take one bag out while I rushed around being late for work and missing the bus. It didn't matter which one, but he still showed me them so I could decide. I pointed to one at random, and called a cab to get to work, taking my vegetarian chopped liver sandwich with me. Jonathan made that, too.

Work ended at five. Wednesday is comic book day, so of course I had to go to the comic book store. But Monday was Memorial Day, so no new books. I also went to Barnes and Noble to repreorder Harry Potter. No, that's not a typo. I'd preordered from Amazon, but they insisted on getting it delivered on June 21, which is a Saturday, and I can't sign for it. So I might as well get it delivered to a book store in walking distance from work, right? So, I canceled the preorder and repreordered.

Also, I was hungry, so I stopped for a toasted buttered bagel.

This is to say, I had limited time and I was using up a lot.

At around 6:30 (see?), I got to my local supermarket, after meeting my landlady in the street and chatting with her, and finally got ingrediants. Bag of carrots. Bag of celery. Large sweet potato. I was going to get my normal spanish onions, but they looked really, really shvoch, so I bought four little onions instead. I also thought about cilantro, but decided I'd waste half the bunch, and anyway, it doesn't go with split pea. Or lentil

Or maybe a can of beans.

Things that cook quickly, you see. I ended up with a bag of yellow split peas. Just, you know, for a change. I've never used plain yellow ones before, just green or mixed. I don't like canned beans in soup.

And my entire bill was $2.89, and I had a pretty nice soup in my hands right then.

The turkey was thawed when I came home. The kitchen, however, was still milchig, with a big pile of dairy plates and pots in the dairy dishdrainer. And the meat dishdrainer under the sink. But. It was 6:40.

So, I took out the meat cutting board and other stuff and started cooking anyway - turkey in the pot, then cutting up the veggies - the whole bag of carrots, the whole bag of celery, all four onions. And then I noticed that the soup pot was full. Too full. So I transferred the lot to my rather cheap stockpot, and added some water and bay leaves. Then I cubed up the sweet potato and tossed it in, and just let it simmer for a while. I also added a handful of brown basmati rice just on general principles - that is, without the turkey, the rice, doubled or trebled, would have made the soup into a meal - a huge pot of soup that cost about $3. Not bad.

It didn't take long to start smelling delicious as the flavors merged.

I made the kitchen meat so I could wash things up, not that I did. And I waited and stirred. Before Jonathan came home, the soup was a sunny yellow. I added quite a bit of balsamic vinegar and some black pepper to balance all the sweetness, and by 9PM, it was perfect - a thick, satisfying feel, a rich and balanced flavor, and it was *pretty*.

He'd been home for a half hour, though, so the timing wasn't great.

But the soup was delicious and I have plenty left over. It should be even better next time.

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