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Tonight is Pakua evaluations.

I'm white belt. This means all I need to know is how to kick, block and punch. I don't need to know how to grab, or any fancy moves. And everyone says I look good.

I'm expecting yellow stripes - how far could I advance with only going once a week? Also, that way if I don't get yellow belt, I won't be disappointed.


Even with only going once a week, I've noticed my body is different. Other than the arm, I mean. :(

Visibly different. I'm still round, and my stomach is still further out than my breasts, but the sides are going *in*, not out, and today, when Jonathan hugged me, he said he noticed I was smaller.

I noticed this at the convention, when my bodice dress was comfortable enough to wear most of a day - I only took it off for a nap, and it's a fuss to put on, so I changed into a skirt and sweater afterwards. It was so uncomfortable last Purim that I took it off as soon as I got back from synagogue, even before eating dinner. That was after only a couple of hours. And there were loose spots, even after I'd laced it as tight as I could.

So I'm now scared to death that the orthopedist I'm seeing tomorrow morning will tell me no more pa-kua. It's been such a positive thing in my life and I'd hate to give it up for any reason. I'm already modifying things to spare the arm - no push ups, changing arm positions so I don't go above my head, using my left arm when possible.

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