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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]


There is a glory to it, sometimes.

Coveting Thy Enemy is a case in point. (Note, it's a multipart story, where the parts are not linked to each other, so this is a search page.)

The grammar is atrocious. The writer has no idea about objective case, nor about absolutes, so someone can be "more superior" in something.

Harry "humbly reclines" the position of prefect.

It's also. Trite. And full of cliche's.

And yet. And yet, I got to chapter 30 and realized there weren't any more and I want more.

I do promise. No laced bodices. No skirts. And Snape doesn't have any curls.

At one point, when Harry is offered the "Honor" of being Prefect, he decides he's not worthy of the position, so he "humbly reclines."


*looks guilty*

er, sorry.

Don't be silly, sweetie.

I had fun with it. I even want to read more of it, Gd help me.

And there was good snoggage. Creative spelling, but good snoggage.

Malapropisms and HP

By far my favorite in this fandom was the fic in which Harry was caught up in a "cesspool" of sensation. Um. While having anal sex.

Mercifully, the author and title of the story have been erased from my memory.


Heading off, dubiously, to read 'Coveting Thy Enemy.'