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A social life? Me?

Apparently so. It's the new apartment. Unlike any of the others, the new place is big enough to entertain comfortably and graciously. And, even after three months, it's still more or less clean. And I moved into a neighborhood with a lot of my friends, both from my old synagogue *and* science fiction fandom.

Take this week. Please. Sorry.

We had a party Thursday night for fannish friends. It was actually a "collation" - we collated an amateur press association, an "apa", filled with personalzines. We didn't have one of our own. And our friends came, or some of them. Most of it was really nice - seeing people we haven't seen in a long time, including one of our favorite five-year-olds. I had it catered by a local kosher sub shop and that went well.

There was feuding, of course. It seems one of my friends, an mtf ts (a really successful one - no clue at all that she was not always a "she") became handfasted this past November, and no one likes her new partner. Okay, G. is not always a pleasant woman to be around, and she had expectations of fandom that didn't happen for her, but she's not that terrible, and she was perfectly polite and pleasant as a guest - unlike the person who was doing most of the complaints, who was downright rude at times. Something I don't' appreciate in my house. That party ended at midnight, when we finally got A. and G. to leave.

And then there was Friday night. We had dinner guests. I like having dinner guests for the Sabbath, and these two were lovely. I made a turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and it all went well, but it meant spending the day cooking, shopping and cleaning.

Of course, that goes for every Friday afternoon.

Today we went to a friend's house for lunch. This was more of an order than a request, but we didn't mind. Except that we had politics for an appetizer. Politically speaking, my husband and I are left leaning on many, although not all, things. So it was difficult to sit still for a lot of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton bashing (Note: we didn't even mention either former president's name.) But when one of the guests, already loud, was leaning forward towards me and shouting horrible and untrue things, I couldn't take it anymore. Embarrassingly, I burst into tears. My husband was all for us going home at that point, seeing as we had plenty of food, but they got the hint and we stopped talking politics. Thank goodness.

And then I had to leave to get to a Talmud class a mile away. With all of that, I got home right after Shabbat ended. And I'm exhausted.

No guests next week. None. :)

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