Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Erev Shavuot

Going to be offline for a couple days. A major holiday no one has heard of looms.

I'm still amazed. I counted *every* day from the second of Passover until last night. 49 days. And it still took me by surprise.

Maybe because it's rare that a holiday begins on a Thursday night. It's convenient, because not only do you only lose one day of the week, but you still have Sunday, which most people have off, and a lot of people take Friday off anyway.

So. I had Pa-kua today, despite it being erev yom tov. This is because it was in the morning. Class was interesting. 1. My first as a yellow belt. 2. New student, so there was a white belt. Meant that I changed my place on the mat. She's 22. 3. Master K had subway problems, so we spent most of the time by ourselves. My friend J, a brand new orange belt, did the honors, as she's been doing this longest. By a month.

We did the running and the push-ups (well, I didn't do the pushups) and the crunches (those I did), and J led the movements, and R led the kicks, and we'd just gotten lined up to do some one on one practice when Master K walked in, and told us to continue. I think she was pleased.

Apparently, orange belt is all about nerves - finding the points on the body where a touch hurts. So orange belts are initiated with people pressing these points. J got her initiation on Tuesday; R today. No belts yet. Those come in on Tuesday, and they're waiting until Thursday so I can get mine with the others.

I really have to find a way to go twice a week.

Yellow belt is about grabbing. Where before, all I had to do was block or kick or punch, now I have to grab, too. It's surprisingly easy. In fact, a lot of things were. Easy.


After class, I caught a bus home. Except I have to change buses and I missed my transfer stop and had to walk back a long block. And then I had lunch and got money and bought fish and then went shopping seriously. I bought enough stuff that I knew I had to get it delivered. Mostly dairy, as Shavuot is traditionally a dairy holiday. Cheesecake is the big deal, and blintzes, and dairy kugels.

I'm making a lasagna. I was going to make a salmon cheesecake, but now we only have two guests and both are guys, so brunch food is out. (Actually, given A and M, brunch may *not* be out, but that's just feeding into stereotypes.) And it's a recipe I've made a zillion times, so I know it's good. I'm cooking the sauce right now, and parcooking the noodles. I like them flexible, but not quite cooked.

Anyway, I arranged to have them deliver my groceries, except for various perishables. I should have gotten it in 20 minutes. I live one long block away from the store, after all. It's a five minute walk. It was just too much for me to carry.

I got the groceries 2 1/2 hours later. After I called and reminded them that they're closing at 4PM. I mean, right after I called. I do believe in coincidence. I don't think that was one.

I'm also cooking gefilte fish. I was hoping to get a lemon-pepper loaf, but I couldn't find one. It's simmering now. In about an hour, I'll take it out. By then, the lasagna will be in the oven. And then I can run to a local store that doesn't close for the holiday, and get some Spanish coffee for the house.

I used a storebought kugel and a challah roll for my "eruv tavshilin." By setting aside two cooked foods to be used for Shabbat, I've begun my Shabbat prep. By making the appropriate blessing and statement, I can continue the prep on Friday afternoon, because it is otherwise forbidden to prepare anything on a holiday for the following day - and the following day begins in the evening. But one must prepare for Shabbat in advance. This is the way out of that difficulty. If I had forgotten, I could have relied upon my rabbi's eruv, as I did during Pesach.

Dinner tonight will be salmon filet, baked potatoes (and *butter*) and green beans. Lunch will be the lasagna, a green salad, a selection of prepared salads, the gefilte fish, and *real* ice cream and cake for dessert.

We always eat meat for Shabbat dinner. I'm making chicken and the kugel and mixed veggies. We're going out for lunch.

And then it's over. Nice, short holiday. :)

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