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Shavuot Part II: The recap

I timed things wrong, so I didn't start cooking dinner until Jonathan came home from synagogue Thursday night. Note: it's permitted to cook on a holiday provided you do so without lighting a new flame. It's permissable to transfer a flame. I panfried salmon fillets, baked potatoes (those were already cooking) and made frozen green beans, but we ate them at 10PM. By twelve, we were asleep. No all-nighters for us, even though we found we'd missed a nice four hour lecture by our rabbi. We have a wonderful, erudite rabbi, who is also a philosophy professor and the dean of a college. We're very lucky.

Friday morning, I woke up *sick*. Headache so bad I couldn't think and nausea. The thing about me and nausea is that I have a difficult time vomiting. (Yeah, I know. Charming.) I have to try several times before anything happens, and if I stop at the wrong point, I have to try again. Bulimia is obviously not one of my lifetstyle choices, and a good thing, too.

So, I send Jonathan off to synagogue and huddle in bed miserably between bouts of trying. When I finally succeed, minutes before he comes home, it takes so much effort that my eyes feel funny and I can't see for a second. Scary. However. He comes home. I give him luncheon instructions and fall asleep for an hour and a half.

Why luncheon instructions? Because we have *guests*. And neither we nor they use the telephone on Shavuot, so we can't cancel, and, anyway, they need to eat lunch. Fortunately, I'd cooked everything that needed cooking in advance. All Jonathan had to do was cover the lasagna and put it in the oven to warm up, make a salad dressing, which he does well, and make up plates of gefilte fish according to my instructions. He'd left the door unlocked - can't use doorbells - so our guests could just come upstairs. In fact, the first arrived not so long after I woke up. Jonathan, who had changed to an old t-shirt, had to greet M like that. As for me - I was stuck in the bedroom. It felt very strange to have people in my house whom I couldn't even greet properly. So, when J came back in to put on his dress shirt, I asked him to bring me a snood - I don't wear them in the house. I take them off when I get home and drape them over a chair back. So I didn't have any in the bedroom.

If I didn't have anything to cover my hair, you see, I was really trapped. It's exactly as if I wasn't wearing a top. Jonathan understands this, and brought me one, and eventually, after A arrived and he got the fish plates made up, he asked if I wanted to hear kiddush. So I put on my green velour robe/dress and the black net snood he'd brought in and heard kiddush and greeted my guests and disappeared again. Later on, I popped out and had some fish while they ate the lasagna, and left before dessert, and let Jonathan say the good-byes.

All-in-all, very uncomfortable for me, but I know they enjoyed the food and three guys can find what to talk about - no, not that. :) Actually, I think A dominated with his love of theater and movies. And bad puns.

Jonathan also made Shabbat dinner, following my instructions and grateful that the only thing that needed *cooking* was the chicken.

Meanwhile, we discovered that I'd burst the capillaries on my eyelids and around my eyes earlier. I have a strange, faintly red mask now. I used a cold pack to reduce the swelling. It felt wonderful.

I skipped synagogue, which was hard because the second day of Shavuot is a yizkor, when we say memorial prayers for the dead, and I needed to say yizkor for my father. However, it can be said without a minyan, so I said it at home. It's just...more real in synagogue. We did go to a friend's house for lunch, but I left earlyish, needing to go home and lie down. Also, um. Her other guests were also part of our Saturday afternoon discussion group, but.

This is going to sound awful.

They're not as bright as the other women there. I had to explain *three* times how one measures rice and water for a rice cooker before they got it. And it's hard for me to talk to people who are ...I'm used to bright people. My rl friends are bright, my fannish friends are bright, my online friends are bright. The other women in that group are bright. They're a pleasure to talk to and learn with and from.

I couldn't stay any longer.

So we walked home in the rain. And got very wet because umbrellas are forbidden on the Sabbath, and we don't have raincoats. Luckily, my summer Shabbat hat happens to be water proof. I didn't buy it for that reason, but it's a nice plus.

Then I slept for the rest of the afternoon and jumped into the shower as soon as it was over.

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