Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Vision stuff`

I got new glasses yesterday. They're really pretty - the frame, which is only on top of the lenses, is a light metallic purple. And they're light - I got featherweight lenses. My prescription isn't all that heavy to begin with, so these don't feel like they weigh anything.

However, they *are* a slightly new prescription - first one in fifteen years. And the refractive nature of the lenses, that which enables them to be so thin and light, makes things look different. In this case, the ground is too far down now.

And I have lousy balance - I can't ride a bicycle and I'm unsteady on steep staircases, at least on the way down. I tend to hold on with both hands if I can. I'm okay on not so steep ones. What balance I have seems to be mostly visual.

I've been dizzy a lot today - never for more than a moment, though. Every time I stand up. Every time.

It's better now. It was worse last night, because my eyes were dilated. So I had the wrong visual cues coming through an *extra* wide pupil. Light was a bit dazzling, although not as bad as I'd thought, but the real problem was my close up vision. As in, "What close up vision?" I could only read with my glasses *off* and then with difficulty. And the snow that had fallen all day was now starting to stick. So - no balance, wrong visual cues, slipper ground *and* weird visual effects.

I made it home in one piece. I do believe in miracles, I do. :)

Things were better this morning - my pupils were back to normal. Even so, the walk to work was pretty fraught. I took care to walk on sidewalks that got sun to minimize contact with icy ground, but it was still too far away.

It's getting easier. In a day or so, these should feel perfectly normal to me. And they are *so* pretty.

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