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1. If you could have the ideal job, what would it be?

I think I'd enjoy being an editor. It would give me a chance to use all my training - as a teacher and a writer and the computer work I do now.

2. Think about one of your friends. What is the most difficult thing (habit, problem, complaint) of theirs for you to deal with? (NOTE: You do not have to name the friend in your answer)

This is very difficult. I don't think in absolutes like that, and I really don't like focusing on negatives. Huh. I have a number of friends with very low self images, and these are usually intelligent and talented people who are unaware of how valuable they actually are, and I find I spend time doing my best to bolster these self images, and it's hard to do that and sound as sincere as I feel.

3. If you could meet any of your heroes (real life) who would you choose, and why?

You really don't ask easy questions, Deb! Heroes. Do I have heroes? I think my heroes are all of a group - female writers, especially ones who began later in life, despite other responsibilities or discouragement or simply fields where women haven't written. I'd like to see how they managed and how they decided it was time to finally *write*.

4. If you could meet any of your heroes (fictional)who would you choose, and why?

Countess Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, because she is strong and cool and understood that love is work, but when it's right, it's worth everything. And that even the emotionally and physically stunted clone of a differently damaged son is part of that love.

5. Who is your favorite actress, and why? Actor, and why?

1. That's two questions. :) 2. I don't have favorites, because very few actors of either sex are good in all roles. Alfre Woodard, who can bring me to tears in any role she plays, but does so without chewing any furniture. Andre Braugher, who is not only sex on two legs, but who brought intelligence and complexity to a homicide dectective.
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1) What is your favorite DC title (past or present), and why? What is your favorite DC character? What your favorite issue?

My favorite DC title is the Legion, in all its incarnations. I like the science fiction background, I like the huge cast of characters, I like that the young women are and always have been heroes on an equal basis with the young men. My favorite character, though, is Batman. He's the most complex and confusing, and by far the darkest, hero in DC. I do not have a favorite issue, but the issue of Gotham Knights prior to the Bruce Wayne: Murderer series, where Bruce has his breakdown, will not leave me alone.

2) If you could retcon a part of DC continuity, any part (from small things to something with far reaching consequences), what would it be? (But it has to be a retcon that *could* be possible in the context of mainstream comic universe.)

Huh. I'm still playing a lot of catch up on all of this. This isn't something I've thought about - I've been accepting the rather confusing universe as it unrolls. I don't have an answer for this. I think I like things more or less as they are. Can we get rid of Talia al Ghul? :)

3) If you could choose a team (writer and artists) for a DC mini-series (6 issues) or a maxi-series (12 issues), what character(s) or event(s) would you like to see explored and who would be the team? It has to fit about as well into current continuity as the actual mini-series DC publishes, and you could just choose what you want to see in general, not micromanage specific details.

I'd like to see Brubaker and the current art team for Gotham Knights do a six parter on the early days of Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent, before he became Two-Face. Not immediately before, but when they were young men together. In the better of the stories that feature Two-Face, you get glimmers of something that I want to see more of.

4) Is there anything that could lure you to write Nightwing stories?

Got any ideas? :)

5) If you could see one of your fanfic stories (from live action fandoms) realized on screen with the actors ( it would be based on a rewrite of your story as a screenplay that you could either do yourself or be done by a screenwriter you trust), which story would it be?

Sweetcheeks, of course. Second woud be The Measure of Our Youth, my TS AU.
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