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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Clothing ramble

Here's the thing. I don't have clothes.

Okay, that's not strictly true. I have stuff to wear, things appropriate for certain seasons or for sitting around the house/shopping in the neighborhood, but none of the things for late spring/summer/early fall are things I can wear to work or to synagogue. This is because they are old - worn out, stained or both - or are long sleeved t-shirts that I've decided are not really good for work wear.

Or they have short sleeves and I seem to have decided that short sleeves are for inside my house only, or to be worn under other shirts. I'm not sure when I decided that, but it's why I'm currently wearing a loose big shirt over a short-sleeved polo shirt, with the big shirt sleeves rolled up to just below the elbows.

What I need is 3/4 sleeves. I could also use a couple of neutral skirts, but those I can get. I spent Sunday looking for them - went to four different dress shops looking for appropriate clothes, because I also need an outfit to wear to a dinner.

I'm wearing a suit I already own to the dinner. The only article of clothing I bought was a long-sleeved sweater that looks like a sweater set, in a pretty sage green. Note. Long sleeves.

So, taking a friend's advice, and taking advantage of my bosses' absence, I went to Land's End. And, lo and behold. Stretch blouses in pretty colors. Tunic length tops. In my size. With the right sleeve length. I bought six shirts, enough to see me through workdays and Shabbat. A regular shopping spree.

So, all I need are a couple of skirts - a black and maybe a khaki -and I'm set. And then I won't have to think about clothing at all for several months. Maybe longer, since I could probably wear these tops at least until early winter. Yay.


I've had pretty good luck with eBay. I bought a number of broomstick skirts that were new with tag (NWT) and with the exception of one, I've been pleased with them all. :) I generally pay no more than $12, and that's with postage, for the skirts.

Ooh, Lands' End. They're my favorite clothing store.

In the last couple of weeks, I got 6 nice dress shirts for about $9 each from their local inlet stores. Admittedly, four of them were monogrammed - but my wife is willing to rip monograms out, and these are all ones that will wash away after the thread is gone.