Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

New clothes!

I ordered them on Monday, I got them Friday.

Ten minutes before candlelighting. But the UPS guy knew the neighborhood, and would have signed for me if necessary.

The stretch blouses fit nicely, and they seem designed for the modest crowd because the second button, the one just below the collar, *is* just below the collar, not a couple inches down. The plain tunic t's are...plain tunic t's. Nice enough to wear to work or a family event - example. I'm going to an unveiling next week (about a year or so after someone dies, we have a ceremony where we reveal the gravestone. This is for Jonathan's uncle, obm, and Jonathan is doing the ceremony.) The blue tunic would be perfect for that.

And then there was what they called the "johnny collared shirt." Which has a little collar attached to a v-neck. And I thought that v-neck was fairly high, although it did worry me. But it was *cute*, so I thought I'd take the chance.

And the v By most standards, it's pretty modest, I guess. It certainly wouldn't reveal anyone's cleavage unless their breasts started right below their collar bone. But. It does extend below the collar bone. And my shirts must cover the collar bone. No argument. But it's a pretty shirt otherwise - a nice soft blue that will look good with my denim skirt, and the new beige skirt. And the sleeves hit the middle of my forearms. I didn't want to return it.

So. After Shabbos, I went rummaging through my drawers, and found a heather grey long-sleeved t-shirt that I can't wear anymore because it's stained, and I cut it down to a dickey. It looks fine, and the color is perfect with the blue, and it doesn't add a lot of extra material, nor does it show under the shirt. Problem solved.

In other news, one of my husband's cousins, a man in his twenties, is engaged! J is an idealogically committed Conservative Jew who helped his mother build a synagogue, and who is active in theater both as a profession and as a means to help kids (he does backstage work.) He's marrying the associate rabbi of a Conservative synagogue. This sounds like she's going to share a lot of his values. I'm thrilled and I'm looking forward to their wedding.

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