Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


To make Wolfshark a little happier after a bad day:


"What the h...hell are you doing, Fraser?"

Fraser looked up from his knees. "You requested that I help find your glasses, Ray."

"Yeah, and I do not think they' There."

"It's proper technique when searching for lost objects to search in all places."

"! That is your hand in there." And it was warm. And it was oddly calloused, which was not a normal thing to be thinking in that situation, but that situation was not normal anyway.

"Indeed. As you know, I have highly sensitive fingers, and there does seem to be an...object here."

"Yeah, there's an object there. That's my...that's my...oh, my God. Fraser. No one uses their...their...oh, God....mouths..."

Fraser, of course, did not answer. Fraser apparently knew the proper technique for many things. In fact, Fraser's mouth defined proper technique.

"I assume a strip search is next, Frase?"

"Indeed. Cavities, too."

"We'll find those glasses yet."

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