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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I wrote the speech. It's 500 words long, although what that translates to speaking time, I don't know. This is especially true because I don't intend to read it. Speeches are meant to be spoken, and I hate when people just read.

And I'm completely nervous now. Agggh!


Most people speechify at about 100 words/minute. If I'm presenting a paper, then a single page double-spaced is about 2 minutes.

Good luck!

Re: speechifying

Five minutes, then. Good. That's exactly the right amount of time. It's two pages long, but that means nothing - it's in 20pt TNR. I want to be able to glance, you see.

I've been told that 100 words/minute for regular text is a good metric. (That's for speaking, not merely reading aloud.)

Good luck!

Could you practice it onto a tape recorder and then time that? That usually helps me a lot when preparing a talk, which is seldom. Karmen