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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
He owes me

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took my good suit and hat to the office with me. This was because it just seemed silly to go home, change and come back to a place a block away from my office - and it would probably entail using a car service at least one way, and that's money.

So. At about 1:15 (just as every other phone line was ringing *and* we had three people walk in), jonbaker calls. He's locked himself out of the house and is calling from our neighbors. I have to field my calls and walk ins, and tell my boss and call a car service and forget about a lunch break. It takes forever to get through to the car service and then I have to wait (I do get work done while waiting)for the car. We drive to my house, I hand Jonathan the keys to open the door, he hands them back to me, and I'm off back to work, although I do find the time to pick up a couple of slices of pizza and a soda. I have to - MamaDeb with low blood sugar is a very nasty dragon indeed, and I was running on coffee.

$21 including tip, not including lunch, for the round trip, and my nice relaxing lunch time gone (I did read more smut in the car, so there was that.)

He owes me. I'm not sure what, but he owes me. Any suggestions?

Edited to add that he's just called me, suitably contrite.


This sounds like time for you to get a very nice back massage. Or perhaps have your feet rubbed.

Yes, that would be about it.

Ooooh. Footrub. I'm wearing my dress shoes instead of sneakers, and I plan on dancing tonight...

A "get out of stress free" card? When some other situation comes up that either of you could deal with, it's his.

Adds that to list of possibles.

Although - honestly speaking, I'm generally handler-of-stress. Also speaker-to-humans.

A nice, relaxing dinner somewhere? Doesn't have to be expensive necessarily, just some place that you find pleasant and relaxing.

Also noted - we've been talking about doing something like that.


He owes you

How about a nice dinner at Wendy's Plate?