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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
When it rains

I stay home on Shabbos. :)

This week, our lunch guest showed up, and he seemed to enjoy my Oriental Orange Beef Salad (recipe later). There was also a siyyum ha mishnah at synagogue. One of our members sponsors this program where he assigns volunteers a book of mishnah (Jewish law), which they are to finish reading by a certain date. On that date, he sponsors a lunch or a ritual third meal, and some people give speeches about the books they learn. The meal is a celebration of the completion of these books, or a "siyyum". Jonathan and I both had assignments, and both finished them (I do mine all in English, thank you very much. And it was *really* boring this time.) The rain had slackened off by the time we left, and was over when we walked home.

Came home, watched Stargate, and then I went through LJ carefully making note of the spoiler posts - not the posts themselves, but the ljs. After I read the book, I'll go back and read the spoilers.