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This *is* discriminatory.

I reserved OotP at Barnes and Noble. I did this because Amazon insisted on delivering the book on Saturday, and at the time, I was convinced that Fedex would not leave the book without a signature. This apparently was incorrect, but by the time I'd found this out, I'd canceled the order.

My plan was to pick it up today (Sunday) if I had the time after Uncle Max's unveiling and felt like going out of my way. Otherwise, I'd get it after work on Monday. After all, it's on *reserve*. That means I can pick it up for up to a week, right? Or they'd tell me differently when I reserved it, right?

This morning, we listened to phone messages. B&N called. I could pick the book up Friday at midnight *or* on Saturday, and it would remain on reserve until Sunday. Or so it seemed. I called them up. Yep. Only until Sunday.

So, because I observe the Sabbath, and have important Family things to do on Sunday, my copy of the book would have gone off reserve. Now, most of that is Scholastic's fault for not making a big enough print run, but also for doing it *this* way, which basically tells Observant Jews and Seventh Day Adventists to screw themselves.

First, they tell me that I could pay for it over the phone and they'd *mail* it to me. Excuse me? If I'd wanted that, I wouldn't have reserved and I'd have combined the book with some sort of supersaver thing on Amazon. I mean, bad enough I have to wait until Monday. It took *three* different people to for them to let me pay for the copy already on reserve so I could pick it up today or tomorrow.

And, you know, if I'd been *told* this when I reserved the damn thing, I'd have been *happy* to prepay? It wouldn't have been a problem?

And she rattles on about how it made the news, and how all the bookstores were full and there were crowds outside and all I could think was, yeah, but none of them were Orthodox, were they?

I'm seriously thinking about writing to Scholastic and Barnes and Noble.
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