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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Harry Potter thoughts (non spoilers.)

Everything I'm about to say are things I've thought about before reading OotP.

1. Harry nearly being Sorted into Slytherin. A lot of fanfic makes a big deal about this. As does Harry in CoS. So imagine my surprise when I reread book one, and Harry puts on the Hat, and *he's* the one who brings up Slytherin, after the Hat says he has traits good for more than one House. "Not Slytherin! Not Slytherin!. The Hat, having no antiSlytherin prejudice, asks him why, but puts him in Gryffindor. If Harry had not brought up Slytherin in the first place, I think it's possible that the Hat wouldn't even have argued.

2. Neville. I was reading Goblet of Fire, and I caught a classic bit of what I think is Rowling misdirection. She did that a lot in GoF, where we saw but ignored all the times bugs or beetles or insects just *happened* to be around. After all, they were in a garden, or by the lake or near an open window. Nothing weird about seeing a bug. Gryffindor is learning Banishing Charms. Flitwik has provided nice, light, soft cushions so that no one will be hurt. However, Neville's aim is, as usual, *off*. What does he Banish? We get the amusing sight of Professor Flitwik himself being Banished to the top of a cabinet, among other heavier-than-cushion objects.

However, the reader is, first of all, paying more attention to what the Trio are saying and second, just laughing at typical Neville incompetency.

But. Harry, when not concentating, can barely make his cushion flop over. And Harry is good at Charms. Here's Neville Banishing an adult (granted, a very small one, but still one who weighs significantly more than a cushion) and *other* heavy objects. And Flitwik lands safely.

And this seems to have started after he saw the Crucio. Which is also interesting. I think he was beginning to tap his true power. Because he seems to be very powerful in this scene.

3. Wizarding Families. Wizarding families seem to be in grave danger. Certainly the major pure bloods are - the Crouches are gone, the Potters and the Malfoys and the Longbottoms seem to be down to one heir. Cedric Diggory had no siblings, so unless his mother has another child, his family is doomed. The Weasleys have a huge family, but where are their cousins? I can readily believe that wizards have lower fertility than Muggles - they have longer lifespans and greater means of curing illnesses and injuries, or preventing them entirely, so it makes sense that they have fewer children.

The Weasleys are the exception, and this is known about them. "My father says Weasleys all have red hair and more children than they know what to do with." However - there were eight years between Charlie and Percy. This seems very odd, unless the Weasleys were deliberately not having children, and then decided that not having more kids would be giving Voldemort a victory or something. Or lost a couple of babies.

It also seems that Harry's Year is very small - only forty kids, all told, assuming that there are the same number of boys and girls in each House. It does seem that way - there are twenty brooms in the flying lesson with the Slytherins and twenty earmuffs in the potting mandrake lesson with the Hufflepuffs. It's possible that there is a different number in Ravenclaw, of course. Then again, Harry's cohort were born during the last of the War, so it's entirely possible that people were not having kids, and, of course, a lot of potential parents were dead. I'm assuming the Year after Ginny's is fairly large, full of celebratory kids.

Also. Only one all Wizard village in all of Britain, but given towns such as Godric's Hollow, it seems that there were others in the past that are Muggle now. And the one school, too, but I'm sort of assuming that there are people who just didn't make it into Hogwarts, and take jobs that don't require NEWTs.

There's also a lack of siblings - only Weasleys, the Patil twins and the Creevey boys that I remember. If anyone remembers others, please tell me. And the Weasleys are very fertile, the Creevey boys are Muggle born (interesting that there are two in one family. One random mutation I can buy; with two, I start to suspect wizard or squib blood) and the Patils are not only identical twins but we don't know if they're pureblood, half blood or (you should excuse the expression) Mudblood. The war was as hard on purebloods on either side as it was on nonpurebloods.

Which is interesting because Voldemort is a halfblood - more of one than Harry since Harry's mother may have been Muggleborn, but she was a powerful witch, while Tom Riddle, Sr was a pure Muggle.

Interesting, too, that one was sorted into Slytherin, and the other had it as a viable option (if not, the Hat wouldn't have joked about it.)

I'll do a spoiler post about OotP once I digest it.

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I was interested to learn that Hermione also was considered for Ravenclaw, much like Harry might have gone to Slytherin. I wonder if the hat had the same sort of discussion with Neville about HufflePuff. It did say in the first book I believe that it seemed to take a long time to decide about him.

About 2. This was something that I totally missed and I commented on a minute ago in Jacquez's journal, but read it here first. Very good point here. She is a master of tossing out clues and hints and things in such an offhand way that we don't see them as significant. And I have suspected that Neville had something big coming his way and have been getting the feeling that there was some point or something in which it was a choice between Harry and Neville, that it could have just as easily been Neville, and this was something to do with why Neville's parents were attacked and tortured. It makes me think about PoA when Harry gets on the Knight Bus and pretends to be Neville. And I have noticed a pattern of fear and anger causing surges or awakening of power in the students. Neville's family thought he was 'all muggle' (which makes me wonder about the choice of words in book one when Neville was telling about his family) and kept trying to scare some magic out of him till one day his uncle was hanging him out of a window by his ankles and dropped him, and he bounced all the way to the garden. And after he saw the Crucio, it had a huge impact on him emotionally,and he started to develope his powers more.

and (3) I have noticed and wondered about wizarding families, if pureblood is supposed to be so desirable, why most of them only have one child, a single heir to carry on the name? And Draco's parents are a bit older than most of his peers as far as I can tell, so it makes me think that the inbreeding might have had a pretty big impact. The Weasleys are the exception, but then the Weaslys are also very muggle and halfblood friendly. Possibly their open mindedness and not having a problem with half bloods or muggles, maybe they did marry Muggleborns throughout the generations enough to not have the fertility problem. I know that Ron said they were purebloods, but in the early books (1 and2) wasn't Harry considered pureblood because his parents were a witch and wizard? I have wondered about the age difference between Charlie and Percy, and I have also wondered about the fact that aside from the Weasleys and Lily, there are no other red haired wizards or witches, and she seems to put emphasis on the fact that they are red haired and freckled. And I have wondered about the Creevy brothers, too. About how they could have two wizard children born to one family of Muggles.

I read in an interview that there are about 1000 students at Hogwarts. 1000 students divided by seven grades, by four houses comes to about 35 students per year per house. There are 8 Gryffindors in Harry's year, so I wonder if there are more students that get sorted to the other houses than there are in Grffindore, or if it is like you said and there were just fewer children born that year because of the war.