Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Harry Potter Filk

To Tracy Chapman's Fast Car.

I got a fast broom
Made to seek little golden balls
Maybe I can fly the skies
Maybe my broom can run from it all
Any fate is better
Fighting to live and what's the use
Maybe I'll find myself
Maybe I'll learn I've got nothing to lose.

I got a fast broom
He has a family that holds him close
She can learn any spell there is
Friends so close I'm afraid to care
In my fear he'll kill them too
Just cast his curse as green as my eyes
And I'll be alone with my damned scar
And know what it means to feed on death.

You see the Dark Lord's got a problem
If one of us lives, the other dies
And he says I'm the one whose got to go
I say I'm gonna rid the world of him.
My mum died just to keep me alive
It's not much of life but it's what I got,
And if somebody's got to take care of him
Might as well be me, with less to lose.

I got a fast broom
It flies so fast I can sweep the sky.
One day it'll take me to battle
I'll fight that ghoul or he'll win the day.

There are times when I'm flying, flying on my broom
Flying so fast I could race the wind
Whole world beneath my feet
Nothing to fear, no death up there
And I had a feeling that I belonged
And I had a feeling that I could live for real, live for real, live for real

I got a fast broom
I can catch the little golden ball
He bought this broom for me
He was killed because I'm too young
I know things won't get better
He'll still be dead and I'll die fighting
I'l finish with Hogwarts school
Fight the Dark Lord unless he kills me.

I got a fast broom.
It takes me far away from myself
But now he's dead and it lies in my trunk
And my friends can't see why I don't see them
I'd never dreamed about anything
Except how people I love come to die
I have no plans on how to defeat him
I'll take my fast broom and keep on flying.

I got a fast broom
I wish I could fly away from this world
But others made the decision
I fight for my life and I'll die this way.

I'll take suggestions on improving this.

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