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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
More HP spoilers

With Sirius' death, Harry now probably owns that house. (And the shrewish portait and possibly the Elf) and whatever money Sirius had in his Gringott's vault.

Okay, sure, from some povs, it should be for Remus, but that's not how things work.

A house. More money. This is major in a world where seventeen is adulthood.

In other news, I just got a phone call from my mother, who is visiting my brother and his family. My nephew is eight. He's a bright kid and a good reader.

He's reading GoF. His parents haven't read it first. And I suspect they'll ignore my advice and let him read OotP without reading it first, either. Since, you know.

They're kid's books. Which means that A. adults shouldn't read them and B. they're safe.

Then again, I'm not sure about Debby's reading level.


I have just now started wondering about Taylor being able to handle it after reading Jacquez's journal, but not too overly worried. Taylor knows what happened at the end of GoF, and she knows this book will be darker. As long as she is aware of that and that it may be getting scarier, then I don't feel comfortable telling her she can't read it. I am not quite comfortable with her reading a book that is this dark, but I am even less comfortable with trying to censor what she does read. The philosophy here is that when the child is old enough to ask, they are old enough for the answer, which extends to what they read or watch on tv. I leave it to her to decide what she can and cannot handle and she has so far handled it very well. When things get too much, she bails. And I am always nearby in the event she has questions or she does get scared. And I am reading this book too, I understand your worry is with his parents not reading it before or with him. Letting the child decide does not conflict with knowing what the child is reading or watching before the child does. And Taylor will ask me before watching or reading something what my opinion is, and when she has doubts she won't read or watch it without me being there. She watches CSI, which even I find a bit too gruesome at times, but she doesn't want to watch it without me being there. And she has a surprisingly good grasp of the more adult situations. But that's Taylor, eleven and maybe a bit advanced and mature for that age.
JP being seven, though, I have so far been resistant to him playing games that are rated T for teens with lots of bloodshed and gore. I don't like the fact that you can pretend to kill someone or something. But then again, he hasn't asked or wanted to play games like that. Especially considering he recently let a spider bite him on purpose because he thought it would make him Spiderman. Taylor has a very good idea of real/not real, JP doesn't yet.