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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
More HP spoilers

With Sirius' death, Harry now probably owns that house. (And the shrewish portait and possibly the Elf) and whatever money Sirius had in his Gringott's vault.

Okay, sure, from some povs, it should be for Remus, but that's not how things work.

A house. More money. This is major in a world where seventeen is adulthood.

In other news, I just got a phone call from my mother, who is visiting my brother and his family. My nephew is eight. He's a bright kid and a good reader.

He's reading GoF. His parents haven't read it first. And I suspect they'll ignore my advice and let him read OotP without reading it first, either. Since, you know.

They're kid's books. Which means that A. adults shouldn't read them and B. they're safe.

Then again, I'm not sure about Debby's reading level.

Too young, too old...

I ran hard and fast through the kids' books way too young and was learning interesting and gory ways to kill people via Agatha Christie books when I was your nephew's age. My mom and dad tried to keep up for me as long as they could but they just couldn't-- I'm a much faster reader and as a kid I had unlimited time a lot of times to read. So I read a lot of things long, long before I was supposed to. The only thing I can remember really 'getting' to me was an adult horror book I got hold of in kindergarten. But of course, it depends on the kid's emotional maturity, etc., etc. too.

Having said that, I think Rowling has really screwed the youth of America (I mean England, no, the world!) with these books-- they're supposed to get darker and more mature as they progress, and that's fine for kids growing up with the books now, but... like your nephew they're just going to want to plow through them, and once they're all published a kid could conceivably read 'em all in a year or less, and I don't know if they're really 'meant' that way.
--Phishtar (who wandered over here when you were giving those text tips)