Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Smallville snippet

Clark's father closed the kitchen door and turned to face Lex. "He's only fifteen."

"I know." Lex kept his face carefully bland.

"We've kept him very sheltered. I do *not* want you hurting him."

"Mr. Kent, I don't want to hurt him, either. I never want to hurt him." Even Lex was surprised at how much he meant those words.

"You sound like you're in love with him." Clark's father's voice was harsh and unbelieving.

"I am, sir. Believe me." He had to believe him. He had to make Clark's father believe him. All of a sudden, he knew how. He stepped closer. "If I only wanted your son for his body, his very beautiful body, I would have taken it by now. And he'd be back mooning over the lovely Lana - or perhaps the lovely Whitney - again." Kent had pretty eyes. Lex looked right into them. He smiled.

"How can you be so sure?" Kent was breathing hard.

"Because. Misster Kent." Lex put an hand on Clark's father's broad chest. "If I want someone, *anyone*, I get them." He put the other hand on Kent's waist. The man shuddered, but did not pull away. "You, for example...Have I told you I love older men?" Lex licked his lips.

Still breathing hard, his hands opening and closing as if not knowing what to do with them, Jonathan Kent leaned down and, eyes wide with horror and dark with lust, met his lips. Lex wrapped one arm around his shoulders and let the other drift to Kent's rear, made round and firm by exercise and his tight jeans, and opened his mouth just enough to admit Kent's tongue.

It seemed like forever, but it could only have been a few moments, before Lex made himself break apart. Kent moaned. Lex could feel his arousal pushing against his body, knowing it was answered by his own. If only...but Clark would hate him forever if he went further, and Clark's hate would be unbearable. Instead, he reached forward and grasped Clark's father's crotch, and stood to whisper in his ear. "My dad said you were a good kisser, Mr. Kent."

Clark's father just stood there, helpless with lust and fury.

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