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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I think my link to the Mister Rogers post is unstable. So, here's the story.

i was in college and was very homesick as i was far away from home. i was in pittsburgh. i am walking home from class and i see mr.rogers on the corner in shady side. i ran up to him as i was so excited to see him in person but i could not say anything. i just started crying. i told him i missed my family and my dog and i was scared i would not make any friends. he said "you have me". i talked to him a bit more and went back to the dorm. i am sitting in my dorm crying that mr.rogers was so kind to me. i watched his show since i was a kid and i would watch it every afternoon in college after our meeting. i never felt homesick again just knowing he was in the same city. when he died i felt like one of the most decent people on earth had left us. his ten minute talk with me will always be close to my heart. there is nothing that ever made me feel safer or made me believe in the good of people as that moment did. i miss mr.rogers so much.

I need to make this very, very plain. This story happened to someone else. In an earlier post, I posted a link to the story, but the link seems to be dynamic, so it went to the wrong page. I quoted the whole post, and I should have been clearer. I'm very sorry.


Oh, this is so sweet. How wonderful that he was there for you like an angel the moment you really needed him! I like to think he's doing more angel work now, looking down and giving those who need it a little boost.