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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Made my reservations at the Concertino hotel today, so I guess we're actually going.

I'm rather happy about this, since this will be the first time in years I can attend a filkcon, as opposed to spending the entire time in the con suite, or feeling guilty when I didn't. Yay! I couldn't get a refrigerator, but we are getting a low floor and a king sized bed. I hope.

And I can sing my new filk and hear Jonathan sing my other one, and maybe we can even get him to do a one shot.

I came out of pa-kua covered in sweat, because of the humidity. I was melting before I finished running around the dojo. I did have the good sense to take a bottle of water with me.

Meanwhile. My pa-kua uniform drove me nuts. Part is that it was overdue for a washing. It's in the hamper now, waiting to be laundered. Part of it is the size. Because of the way I'm built, I have a choice of too big or too small. Too big isn't exactly uncomfortable, although I should stitche the cuffs permanently, and I had to cut off several inches of pants before I could hem them, but it means that I have to wear a t-shirt underneath - it's too big too wrap well for modesty. But that means I'm wearing an extra layer, which, yes, absorbs the shvitz and all, but also makes it warmer. It does help in the winter, though, so I guess it all balances.

The real problem is the pants. How do you people wear pants all the time? Other than stretch pants, which are really very thick footless stockings - ok, extremely thick footless stockings :) - I haven't worn pants in over a decade. And I'm apparently spoiled by all the freedom I get from the long full skirts I wear, because I can do my pa-kua movements just fine in a skirt - or a nightshirt if tha's what I happen to have on.

But I find the uniform pants to be restrictive and uncomfortable. They get sticky in the heat, and I have pick to at the legs when I do stuff on the floor and I can't move as freely. I felt that mostly strongly at the end of the opening movements, when I sit on the floor with my feet together, and the idea is to press your knees down as far as you can go. And I *think* I might have touched the mat (yeah, flexibility! My new friend.) but my pants wouldn't let me.

I have black stretch pants. Maybe I can wear them instead of the black uniform pants.


Can you use a tank top? I used to use a really skimpy one when I was doing shotokan karate, and that was in the eternally humid charleston south carolina, and I found it to be not to hot. For my Gi I had to chop sleeves and legs off first- it looked like it was sized for my dad! Actually, and i'm a huge jean fan, it really depends oon the fit and the one thing Ive found with the Gi pants is that for pants your supposed to move around in, they're pretty restrictive. Maybe because they're to big? I have found that after a certian point to big is too big and all the alterarions won't make it fit properly. certain parts have to meet up with certain joints and if they don't, its hard to move; of course when they fit right, I highly prefer pants to skirts. My sensei in charleston used to let me wear yoga pants- they're basicly loose streatch pants, and they worked very well.

I'll ask about that. The pants are actually...well, the waistband is still slightly tight on me.

Tank tops tend to have low necklines. I have to wear necklines that cover my collar bone. Otherwise, I could just go with my sports bra.


Old navy has ones that cover your neck, but all the summer stuff is clearence now:( or get a guys muscle tee- the really thin mesh-y ones, if that covers enough? My only clothing restriction was weather and if mom would let me out the door in it, so i'm not sure what would fall inside yours.

I was beaten to it, but I was going to suggest yoga pants too. They're very comfortable and completely unrestrictive.

Re wearing pants, I run in cycles with them. I rarely wear them during the summer any longer because I like the freedom, as you said, and it's definitely cooler, which in CA matters a bunch. But during the winter ... I'm still rather attached to them. I know this is going to have to change at some point in the next few years for modesty reasons, but I have to confess, I have no idea how to stay warm in a dress.

So, how do you do it?

In the winter, I wear stretch pants over heavy tights, both black. That plus the skirt is very warm - warmer than I remember jeans being, and if they're both black, it isn't obvious.

I thought your pa-kua class was all women. Given that, how do the modesty issues change? There's a big difference between needing to wear something that covers and being able to grab something to drape over if a man should invade the dojo's space.

You do not normally wear pants. Is this (to you) a matter of halacha or of chumra? If the former, wouldn't the same reasons that let you wear pants in the dojo let you wear the top without a t-shirt?

While I find skirts comfortable (except in winter), I have trouble with the fact that pockets on skirts are either non-existent or useless. I want my wallet, keys, building pass (for work), pocket magnifying glass, etc to be on my person, not in a bag that can be lost or stolen. (Yeah, I know; I'm not a typical woman here...) Do you carry a purse, or just carry much less crap than I do?

I'm uncomfortable showing my chest for other reasons, but there are men who work at the dojo. This is why I wear a hat between the dressing room and the dojo itself. In the other location, men are not permitted in the area at all during the women's classes, because the set up is different.

Trust me, men do not invade the dojo - not and risk Master Katie's wrath. :)

The pants thing doesn't bother me much. I wear skirts out of personal choice and preference, although I take care to wear only modest styles. I don't see how crossdressing applies to pants designed to be unisex or for women any more than it applies to t-shirts.

My gi, oversized that it is, serves another purpose - it's long enough to completely cover my hips. This makes the pants modest enough to wear around men - if I chose to wear pants daily, I'd always wear a very long top to do the same thing.

I do carry a purse - it holds my wallet, a notebook, my prayer book, whatever professional novel I'm reading (and my current one can hold the trade paperback version of GoF easily) plus printouts of fanfic and pens and...I'm a packrat. I choose either backpack styles or ones with long enough straps to cross my body. In other words, I carry *more* crap than you do. :)

Skirts with pockets are like gold, and when I find one such that I like, it's mine. Just being able to carry change in my pocket is wonderful. Or keys on Shabbat with an eruv, or on holidays.

I'd been meaning to mention this. Lands End carries what they call "Fine Gauge Cotton" twinsets. Made of 100% cotten, they seem to be made for the modest crowd. I've got 3 sets, although not for that reason.

The undershirt has a very very high neckline. No chance of a collar bone showing in the slightest. Actually, I would prefer an inch more breathing room. But they are not too tight. The sleves on the short sleve version go to the elbows. And they are cut boxy/loose.

The oversweater has a slightly lower neckline. But it's still quite high, buttons all the way down, and the sleves touch the wrists.

Very comfy in summer even. Inexpensive, if you get last years colors on clearance. And depending on your height they may well go to the bottom of the hips, they more or less do on me.

Highly reccomended, even if you just get the oversweater, as they come in thin cotton in lots of colors, and are casual enough to wear over almost anything.

I add my voice to the chorus for yoga pants.

The biggest problem that I've ever encountered with pieces of clothing such as Gi pants are that the manufacturers don't adjust the size properly when they make them bigger or smaller. For example, they might make the waist and top of the pants larger, but don't increase the size of the pant legs around the thighs or even the knees enough. So you end up either wearing pants that are too tight in the legs for comfort or too big in the waist for real comfort.

Your movement problem may be related to this.

On the other hand, I love pants. If someone were to ask me, I'd say that pants were more modest than a skirt, even a long skirt (probably related to the way I tend to move and sit). However, I pick and choose my pants very carefully for comfort and sizing. I'm 5'2" and have that nasty known as an hourglass figure. Not exactly the way they make most pairs of pants.