Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Made my reservations at the Concertino hotel today, so I guess we're actually going.

I'm rather happy about this, since this will be the first time in years I can attend a filkcon, as opposed to spending the entire time in the con suite, or feeling guilty when I didn't. Yay! I couldn't get a refrigerator, but we are getting a low floor and a king sized bed. I hope.

And I can sing my new filk and hear Jonathan sing my other one, and maybe we can even get him to do a one shot.

I came out of pa-kua covered in sweat, because of the humidity. I was melting before I finished running around the dojo. I did have the good sense to take a bottle of water with me.

Meanwhile. My pa-kua uniform drove me nuts. Part is that it was overdue for a washing. It's in the hamper now, waiting to be laundered. Part of it is the size. Because of the way I'm built, I have a choice of too big or too small. Too big isn't exactly uncomfortable, although I should stitche the cuffs permanently, and I had to cut off several inches of pants before I could hem them, but it means that I have to wear a t-shirt underneath - it's too big too wrap well for modesty. But that means I'm wearing an extra layer, which, yes, absorbs the shvitz and all, but also makes it warmer. It does help in the winter, though, so I guess it all balances.

The real problem is the pants. How do you people wear pants all the time? Other than stretch pants, which are really very thick footless stockings - ok, extremely thick footless stockings :) - I haven't worn pants in over a decade. And I'm apparently spoiled by all the freedom I get from the long full skirts I wear, because I can do my pa-kua movements just fine in a skirt - or a nightshirt if tha's what I happen to have on.

But I find the uniform pants to be restrictive and uncomfortable. They get sticky in the heat, and I have pick to at the legs when I do stuff on the floor and I can't move as freely. I felt that mostly strongly at the end of the opening movements, when I sit on the floor with my feet together, and the idea is to press your knees down as far as you can go. And I *think* I might have touched the mat (yeah, flexibility! My new friend.) but my pants wouldn't let me.

I have black stretch pants. Maybe I can wear them instead of the black uniform pants.

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