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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Today's Lesson

If you wear a brand new white top, it *will* get stained.

Which is why, on a day as hot as this, with barely working a/c, I'm now wearing a plain black (no print) bandanna tied at a rakish angle and spread slightly to hide a fairly wide area of tiny spots. The scarf is even newer than the top, since I purchased for this express purpose.

I'm the receptionist. I can't sit here with a visibly stained top. The bandanna, however, only cost me a buck and will probably come in handy anyway, and the top is cotton, which means it will get clean.

Current Mood: hothot

I have always said that a white blouse is an invitation to spill my coffee.

This is why I often save a white top for Yom Kippur - it's traditional to wear white anyway *and* there's no chance of spilling food or drink on it. I change for synagogue *after* dinner. :)

And change again before the break-fast? :-)

Except for the V8 we bring to shul before and chug down afterwards, yep. :)

We switched to V8 because, with diabetes (me) and hypoglycemia (him), we pretty much have to avoid sports drinks and orange juice. We mix the V8 with selzer.

I was so proud...

The other day I wore white pants. Lunch was pizza and dinner was pasta with sauce and my pants are still pristine!